Why Getting Out On A Bad Relationship Might Help You and Your Partner

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So,Guest Posting you thinking you have ultimately found the ONE.

Someone who has an reliable career, with established financial status, responsible, good looking, intelligent, and good-humored person has lastly come into your life.

But, just when you thought you've finally met the ideal man or woman of your dreams, all things seems to be wrong and tangled. Instantly, he has lost his job, she went poor, he became uncaring, and she became paranoid about everything. You try to help your companion in dealing with the issues but it often turns out that he or she's too great to ask help from anybody-even you.

Still, in spite of everything you still do nearly everything to help your beau without you realizing that he or she slowly drags you into the pit of depression and helplessness they're in. When you feel that you are no longer healthy, happy, and growing in the relationship, that's the time when you are trapped in bad relationship.

Being stuck and lonely

It is always hard to end any type of relationship-notably if it's a romantic relationship. But, no matter how hard to end something that you thought is valued, you should know when to end a relationship peculiarly if you are well-informed that its not doing you any good.

The signs of the times would likely tell you if you are previously being stuck in a bad relationship. Experts favour that the relationship is already bad when the couple is going through uncommon periods of disagreement and bitterness that can be evitable in various relationships. You will also know if you are beforehand in the pit of a bad relationship when it involves constant irritation and everything-even your partner-seems to be out of your reach.

The main aspect if you are in a bad relationship is the behavior of your partner. You can tell that you are being caught up in a bad relationship if your partner is beyond your reach of communication and openness, he or she doesn't want to make any bond, doesn't assert his or her feelings even if there is a kind of promise or plainly incompetent of loving someone else besides him or herself.

Studies also reveal that in any bad relationship, the couple is frequently on unlike wavelengths that there is almost no common ground and no connection or communication that result to irritation and disappointment.
Since bad relationships mainly stem from continuing reciprocation of what one or both partners need, the relationship itself can even harm the self-esteem of the persons involved. Bad relationships are also harmful for persons notably those who have invested so much in their careers for their personal lives since these serve as a perfect breeding ground for rage, bitterness, self-doubt, melancholy, and distress.

Aside from emotional sorrow, remaining in a bad relationship can be unsafe to someone's health. The most common danger of bad relationship is the physical harm caused by an abusive partner. In less severe cases, being in a bad relationship can cause tensions and different chemical changes often triggered by so much stress.

Being in a bad relationship reflects so much on the person's total health and well-being because it can drain energy, thus, lowering the body's resistance to illness. The common health hazards of being in a bad relationship include severe headaches, back pains, and stomachaches caused by anger and frustration; insomnia and melancholy caused by emotional distress; and weight problems caused by irregular behavioral patterns and depression.
If couples continue to be in a relationship that is no longer healthy, they will try to find a way to escape from being stuck inside by being alcoholic or drug dependent. Worse, being stuck in an unhealthy relationship can eventually lead to recurrent suicide attempts.

Breaking free

What most people inside relationships do not realize is that the more they try to work things out, things get more and more complicated. This is because both people in the relationship try so hard to pass through the stage without realizing that they are detaching themselves with their respective partners. As a result of this detachment is misunderstanding, incompatibility, and soon enough, falling out of love.

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