How Can I Attract A Guy I Like?

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Many women will ask the question “how can I attract a guy I like?” There is no single way that this question can be answered and if someone tells you otherwise their advice will most likely be useless. The reason there is not a single way to answer this question is because the answer depends on several variables. Do you know the guy or is it someone you just happen to see on the way to work? Have you ever spoken to him? Do you even know his name? Did you just happen to see him at a pub and were attracted to him right away? Those are all questions that must be answered before the advice can be given. We will examine situations for a couple of them.You know him from work:How can I attract a guy I like when I know him from work? This can be a bit tricky. Relationship experts are divided in the pros and the cons of dating someone at work. Is it a good idea to try to attract someone whom you will be seeing every day of the week? If you have decided that it is worth it then the best way to attract him is to pay attention to his work. If you know what he does and you are an expert on the subject you may want to compliment his results and the things he does right. If you are in different departments you may want to ask him about his department,Guest Posting maybe get lunch together. The important thing is to start talking to him one on one. If you see him on the street:How can I attract a guy I like that I see every morning but still don’t know his name? This one is a bit more complicated but it can also be less hazardous than a relationship at work. The good thing is that if you noticed him he has probably noticed you as well. A simple hello can go a long way but if you want to light the fireworks you must establish a conversation. You may be a shy person, but if you see him every day you can start a conversation by asking him his name. Note that you see one another every day and it would be nice to get to know each other better.Think before you act:Attracting a guy can be a tricky especially when you really don’t know someone. The best way to start an attraction is to get to know the other person. The reason “attracting a guy at the bar that you like” was not included is because someone who you have absolutely no clue about, can be in some cases a bit crazy. The guy in the bar is not a guy that you like (unless you have seen him and talked to him before), that is a guy you lust. Lusting is not a bad thing but it can get you in trouble if you are not careful. “How can I attract a guy I like?” is a question that can easily be answered, you just have to use your head in all cases.

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