Top 5 Countries That Wears Kilts and Related Garments

Jan 15


Raymond Devance

Raymond Devance

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Wearing kilt is not just a boy’s wear that was popularized in the 19th century, it has ancient origins, was worn in different regions of the world and is a big part of world history.

Wearing Kilts has not just been a part of tradition but also a part of life. Its length,Top 5 Countries That Wears Kilts and Related Garments Articles texture and comfort make it as the top choice of these countries mentioned below as the best lower body garment. Wearing this garment was traced to have been worn has been worn by medieval and early age’s civilization as early as the 15th century and even early African civilizations.

Shared below are the Top 5 countries that wear kilts, tartans and other related garments from all across the world:

• Scotland. The most renowned kilt is the Scottish kilt. This garment is worn proudly together with accessories solely for kilts. This garment is worn by boy scouts, bagpipers, in dancing, formal occasions, or should I say all kinds of traditional, informal gatherings and festivals. It is even worn as school uniform in some areas of Scotland and Scottish historians believe that the kilt’s predecessor is the Scottish Plaid.

• Ireland. Ireland is one those countries where Gaelic people settled for ages. Wearing kilts is not just an ordinary garment here but is part of the rich culture and history their ancestors left them as heirlooms. According to experts, wearing kilts was originally from Ireland between the 5th to 6th Century A.D. The alleged predecessor of it is called the Irish Léine.

• Spain. The north western part of Spain has been once occupied by Celts. The region of Galicia is famous countrywide for wearing kilts also known as falda escocesa (the name they call kilts locally). Same as Scottish tartans and kilts, they also practice wearing kilt accessories and also wear this garment during special occasions, festivals and events.

• Germany. Germany is also one of those countries that wear kilts and tartans to honor their roots. The most famous German tartan is called the Coburg tartan which was created in honor of Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort.

• Egypt. Ancient Egypt is one of the richest, most advanced, and one of the most powerful ancient civilizations in history. We can see in their garments thru movies, pictures, hieroglyphics and other encryptions that they were also one of the first to wear kilt like garments. Those were actually not wool plaid garments but light wrap-around skirts made from the best quality linen.

Other countries that wear kilts and related garments are Wales, Australia, Canada, France, England, Greece, New Zealand, Normandy, and United States. These countries with Irish, Scottish and other European settlers still practice their ancestors’ pride and glory and share it to the world.

Wearing kilt, related garments and other kilt accessories are not just the typical garment that represents our race, family, country or tradition. Wearing and Buying Kilt is not solely for those who have Irish, Scottish and other races mentioned above. People from all around the world can wear these as long as you are wearing it with pride and respect. Scottish and Irish are not offended easily as long as we wear it with honor, dignity and we wear it for pure purposes.

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