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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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Human activities today are going on in such a way that they want immediate benefits at any cost. For this tampering done with nature and environmental laws, leads to the latter playing a big role in creating hazards for mankind itself. Before Lord Mahakal’s reversal process punishes mankind, the latter should change its tainted thinking and behavior.


Nature is not humanity’s wrist watch that can be adjusted as and when we please and then later drop it in any corner based on our whims and fancies. In actuality all activities of this cosmos go on in a well defined disciplined sequential manner. Planets,AT LEAST STOP INVITING A PARTIAL WORLD ANNIHILATION! Articles satellites etc are bound to each other and thus influence each others’ movements and activities. When sudden upheavals occur the entire atmosphere gets affected. In order to protect earth from heinous outer space radiations many layers are situated a bit higher up on earth’s surface. When man insists on creating holes in such protective armor like layers, its natural reaction is that the armor either breaks apart or creates one disaster after another.

On earth Ice Age has manifested many a times. Everywhere snow and ice spreads out in thick layers. Creatures that cannot bear this terrible cold die on the spot in it. When this ice piles up to 10-15 feet in height food scarcity sets in and the 2nd dire situation of death due to hunger emerges. On higher heights those creatures who somehow escape death they after end of the Ice Age after about thousands of years procreate anew and neo create their new world.

Ice Age is an emergence due to distortions occurring in the environment. Its appearance is frightening and when it bids adieu it can be quite hair rising. When the temperature increases and ice melts, the ocean water levels rise upwards. Great huge continents break up and travel to far off regions. Some ocean bed areas emerge above the water and some that are above water submerge into the ocean bed. In a certain sense the Ice Age can be called partial world annihilation.

When Ice Ages appeared in their particular sequence they can be called our destiny yet mankind on interfering and tampering with nature invites it much in advance. The balance of the Polar Region can tarnish. When ice on it melts ocean storms can emerge. By interfering with nature’s movements many such hazards can sprout forth. Man today akin to an uncontrolled unruly child after tampering thus is inviting total world annihilation to occur.

Regarding this recently in New York’s ‘Lomond D Geological Observatory Palisades’ a conference was organized in which the world’s high intellect scientists, geologists, ecologists, environmentalists, weather experts etc participated. In this international conference a very detailed analysis of the highly discussed topic ‘Mila tin Millen kovich’ with reference to the chain of Ice Ages was executed in which the scientist Millen Kovich said in the total light of sun landing on planet earth each year about 0.1% decrease is seen. As a result after each 100,000 years lapse by an Ice Age sets in on earth.

While upholding this fact researchers have said that on the sea shore of France’s Norman D such rocks that are 90,000,000 years old in age have been found within which after every 20,000 years shows up a layer very clearly. Similarly in Pennsylvania’s New York Basin studies of 200,000,000 years old mountains this fact emerges that after every 101,000 years a new Ice Age manifests. In it from 19,000 to 23,000 years varied types of layers have been found which tells us that due to some reason nature’s balance must have gone haywire and that earth must have got covered more than 3 times the normal measure of snow. These days today too these signs are appearing on planet earth.

Regarding this research scientists of Minnesota University opine that as a result of blind mad milking of hidden natural means/wealth in the womb of earth and tampering/interfering with nature changes have occurred in earth’s magnetic poles. On the North Pole characteristics of South Pole are emerging and in the South Pole characteristics of North Pole are emerging. By looking upon this incident of Polar distortions as unexpected could prove to be very dire for the human race. Due to Polar distortions man along with other creatures are forced to change residences else if one fails to adjust aptly as per situations faced getting killed is the only result that can occur. Right from tiny bacteria to animals, birds, humans etc have to pass by this process. When Poles change cosmic radiations coming from outer space shall get scattered on them. As a result water, air etc shall get changed and affected and just as in pre historic times in big numbers creatures became extinct due to abnormal seasonal changes today this situation could definitely get repeated.

On noting the increasing amounts of toxic gases like chloro fluoro carbon and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere scientists are suspecting that in the next 10 years water and air could take up a very destructive form. Apart from social crime and mental disorders at the root of sudden augmenting of heart diseases, skin cancer and diabetes they believe the root cause of this to be toxicity filling up our environment. Regarding this scientists attached to Monolowa Observatory situated in Hawaii Islands have carried out serious studies. While placing forth statistical data they said that these days in the environment each year at the rate of 1 ppm carbon dioxide is getting filled up. If a 30% increase is noted in this measure it in turn augments the temperature by 1-4 degrees Centigrade. Thus this type of temperature increase each year gives birth to the ‘Green house effect’. Smoke emitted by industrial units and vehicles work akin to adding oil to fire.

The greatest effect of temperature augmenting is seen on Polar Region ice. Since ice caps here start melting, the ocean water level rise higher up and nearby shore areas get submerged in these waters. Metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, New York, Tokyo, Southampton, San Francisco and California may get submerged in the womb of the ocean. Polar Region imbalance can affect geomagnetic fields too and between the years 1993-2000 AD anywhere at any point in time fearful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may occur. Volcanic ash gathering in the atmosphere even today is so much in excess that it does not allow solar heat to reach earth which is so much required for healthy sustenance of the life force of all creatures.

According to research experts since the past 40 years the sun is contracting slowly. Its sequence of spreading out shall commence after 10 years henceforth. This solar cycle of contracting and expanding, spans 76 long years. On the one hand due to sun contracting earth tends to become colder there at the other end due to human activities the atmosphere is heating up. This contrariety can manifest as world annihilation when the sun starts expanding. Atmosphere’s increasing temperatures and the fact that earth heats up together give birth to horrific world situations.

Scientists opine that those excesses noted in the environment can induce greater heat and aridness in Europe, America and Russia than is noted today. There snow shall stop falling but North East Africa, India, Central East Asia, Mexico and Western Australia shall become more damp and wet. Along with this the world over the ocean bed shall rise higher by 15-20 meters. Since glaciers shall melt rivers shall get over flooded. Since the weather shall change drastically fertile land shall be rendered barren/dry and wherever snow exists today there deserts shall be seen in future. The world’s agriculture oriented economies shall go haywire and all these changes shall be witnessed by the end of 2000 AD merely due to a temperature increase of 2 degrees Centigrade. 

The gross meaning of weather/season changes is understood as an ordinary cyclic movement in cold, heat, rainfall etc yet in scientific parlance this term is used to connote upheavals reported in the environment of planet earth. Human activities today are going on in such a manner that they yearn to get immediate benefits at any cost. For this end, tampering done with nature and environmental laws, leads to the latter playing a big role in creating hazards for mankind itself. Before Lord Mahakal’s reversal process punishes mankind, the latter should change its trend of thinking and behavior for the better since therein lies the well being of the human race at large.

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