Candle Wedding Favor Ideas

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No matter how you give them, candle wedding favors are the perfect gift to give your guests. Here are some ideas that can be used when picking from the array of candles available.

One of the best gifts you can give your guests is candle wedding favors. It does not matter if you like them with a holder,Guest Posting or scent, and the color does not matter much either.

Below are some ideas that can be used when picking from the array of candles available.

A candle with a candleholder is the first candle wedding favor that is a great gift. The most popular holder is the classic silver, it is very elegant and it is sure to be treasured by all your guests for awhile to come. If you like to stray away from the classics you can place the candle in a glass vase or a hurricane lamp, all of which are equally popular at weddings. If you are looking to make the candleholder a little more special you might want to consider engraving something into it, such as a heart or your initials.

If you are having a themed wedding than you should consider giving out candles that match that theme. Bright red, blue, and green candles are perfect for a tropical wedding. Different shades of green candles are great for garden weddings. If you are having a beach wedding matching the colors of the candles with the sand or the ocean is the way to go.

Another way to give a candle favor is to wrap the candles in cello, tulle, or raffia with ribbon, and place them together in a nice way on a table where your guest can retrieve them at their own time. A way to specialize this for your wedding is to add a tag with your name or the date of your wedding.

One last idea is to put a candle at the place setting of each person. The best way to do this is too coordinate the colors of the candles with the general color of the wedding. If your wedding is at night you could also light them, creating a more romantic atmosphere while also giving them as the favor at a later time.

Candle wedding favors are always a great gift to give your guests. These are just some of the candle ideas that I have encountered in the past that have been big hits at the weddings. No matter how you give them, because there truly is too many ways to name, you can be sure that your guests will appreciate them.

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