Comprehending Relationships, Nature's Certainity

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Comprehend the core of social interaction itself, also known as Relationships. Where it truly counts overall. Which could you leave you alone or along side another by nightfall and then some.

Its amazing to me,Guest Posting wouldn't you agree? When it comes to our behavior within relationships themselves, that is.

How so many are unaware of the subtle systematic realization of socially essential intertwining situations that are doomed from the very start. They know something's wrong, yet they ignore the gut instinct. Continuing onward in false hope already fearing the worst. Bombarding themselves in delusional feelings for something they can't fully identify. Soon at point of time, its all over, the relationship they held so high and close had just vanished in thin air. Then what they do, perhaps even may have decided on proceeding? Throwing a tantrum, complain, talk about it convincing ourselves to be in the right or wrong, spread rumors, threats, blackmail, or worse. Nothing at all, moving onto the next relationship without even the most subtle of thoughts as to why they failed before. We continue again and again, losing each and every single one we form.

All we have on our side, hope imbued in false confidence, most get by on luck. Yet in reality most have no idea how it works within itself. The pattern remains to be a bold mistake never shuttering to be replaced by awareness through self control and true confidence in this particularly precious matter. Better yet, most mark it off as something they'll learn sooner or later. Never wanting to admit the reality of such situations. More delusional false hope that continues to follow as if a shadow. Their fearful to allow others knowing their clueless, even though most are. I suppose everyone figures it out, eventually, when they could of used it most before hand.

Though still, I have rather a wet teared cheek when realizing such a truth. Most are utterly similar in their advances upon this socially relevant core in humanity as a whole. Including unity under any circumstances, it just seems to me. Most are oddly bizarre when faced with this particular topic of essentials. Which is why, this article has been deprived from my creations. For free of course, there's no way in hell, that I'd charge any person for this basic information. That I hope indeed, will be put to good use. Causing awareness within my humble readers, if not supports of "Freedom From Rain". Which is headed by myself, Dorsen Gorefote.

For the time being, lets just explore the bare boned base of any and all relationships in our everyday lives. Remember, without a stable foundation to grow off from, the likely hood of anything succeeding will be merely luck. To say the least.

Firstly, what is a "Relationship"?Looking in a natural environment, we find animals that have formed essential relations as we humans have. For survivals sake, thus they have purpose, they are not merely a label or piece of paper. Its not there to be there, its there because its needed. There are plenty of instances from which we have relations where we wouldn't want to believe are actually just that. Normally, we amend friendships, lovers, marriages, partners, family, cousins, business, co workers, supporters, doctors, acquaintances, neighbors kids, neighbors themselves, etc. I bet our in depth labeling could go on and on. However, each of these has one notable core, they are relationships. They are no different from the other, just another part of our society formed delusional reality.

Relationships are formed without knowing it most of the time. They form, and stay if needed, thus there must be an underlined reasoning behind their creations between yourself and another. Something, a value perhaps. Within a relationship, with the other or others. You exchange such a value, its all very logical if you think about it.

Lets recap, what is a relationship?A relationship is the exchange of value between two or more individuals.

After comprehending such a simple thing for what truly is and shall always remain. As a labeled foundational element in our social structured naturally dominated lives. Moving onto the definition of this word, "Value", since its the main if not only sole component in all relationships. Not only that, but also along the lines of a relationship existing or perishing, everything depends on this "Value". Its my term toward such a thing, something that fits perfectly and is simple, when added to the equation of more advanced inner workings within relationships. Though more on that subject later, we have to breakdown the more important term.

"Value", is something that is sought out by another no matter the form, size, taste, small, function, live, dead, hot, cold, animal, human, space, air, trees, cars, buildings, breast, money, facial features, body structure, love, accents, environment, skill, writing, photos, blackmail, services, etc. Anything that be harbored, given, taken, used, abused, touched, seen, smelled. This list of detailed value, happens to be quite the endless one. Never shall it end or stop, cause there's always another relationship between another person, organism, matter. Thus another renewal of values. However, part of the value depends on the those involved. At least where, we, humans are concerned. We usually have particular desires, yet most of our exchanging partner happen to be enhanced by our own minds. Into desiring what they are providing, and vise versa.

The next term is just as essential as “value” itself, again it’s the bare bones. Always more then one in most bodies, right?. Unlike “value”, it instead deals with the swapping of “value”. Its called, “Exchange”, giving your value for the person/person’s value you desire. Or vise versa. The point is “exchange” is the swapping of the “values” everyone in the relationship harbors. With me so far? Okay then, onto the last of the bare boned foundation in a relationship. The last, is the most misunderstood portion, which, with time could develop or diminish the relations between one and another overall. Its determined by the actions of those involved of such relationships. You’ll find, this is mainly why, most relations fail, in the long run. Surely, most can get together, their inseparable, beyond compatible at first. And then, a few months go by, suddenly their mere enemies one day. Just in a flash! BAM! Its over just as easily as it had begun. Lets solve, comprehend, why this happens everywhere, always, everyday, every hour, most relationships in general.

“Experience”, happens to be the last of both terms and functions in a relationship. The factor, if your contributing partner, will stay with you or find another. Keep that in mind, there are plenty of others who could exchange value with them. Your not the only one, unless, you found and are holding a very original/rare/unusual form of value. Following many satisfactory, memorable, and pleasantly delightful “experiences” shared by the exchange of value with your partner. Things should most defiantly build in your favor. It all depends on your actions with them through exchange of value in your relationship together. Just be more aware of what you do with them, around them, with others. Its all effects your relationship with that person/persons in your life.

A bonus, in my personal opinion. If things have gone very well in any instance, with experiences in the exchanging of value, through a relationship. Which its there, whether you like it or not. Something else grows, that holds a relationship together. If done right, and if you wish for yourself and another to stay intertwined. In this hell of a world, you should keep this in mind.

Many satisfactory experiences, through some time, with the mind set for your partner in glee. You’ll notice, if not in yourself, a feeling of connection. Whenever around those people. Which, from what I have learned, never dissipates. I believe they call it, love. For me though, its known as a “Bond”. The everlasting feeling of attachment, comfort, safety, connection. This always happens, no matter what, unless the person’s faking. Which its easy to see through that nonsense. A bond shall grow through experience, the more original the value/experience is. The grander the development of such a bond will be. Don’t doubt its existence, always has been around. Always shall be around, growing without cause or warning. When you exchange value with another, tapping into a shared experienced with another. Nature’s certainty, indeed.

Recap:-Relationship= The exchange of value with another/others.-Value= Anything that is worth something to another.-Exchange= Swapping of value for another’s value, in which you desire form them. And they desired your own.-Experience= The aftereffect/memory/imagine of your exchange in value with another/others. Which will determine if your relationship stays or will be replaced.-Bond= The build up of many experiences shared with another, through exchange of value in a relationship. Usually this occurs, only after a delight has been found. A non diminishing aspect feeling towards another. That induces comfort, relaxation, and a knowing of satisfaction when around such people.

I know there are a few more details that determine whether or not a relationship holds. But, as I said from the beginning, this happens to the bare bones. Nothing more or less, too quell your confusion, in any doubt or conflict in your decisions that might be apparent. Personally, knowing, gives I hope you have become more aware on this issue, enlightened. If not inspired with a feeling or idea, of relationships overall. I hope for the best! Thank you for your time, you won’t regret it! Good Luck!

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