Women Empowerment in the 21st century

Mar 8


Vishal Vekny

Vishal Vekny

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Empowerment is an important thing that needs to be accomplished. The right and the freedom that woman have today arête results lot of fight that the empowered woman fought against it.


The woman can’t pursue a career of their own because they have sometimes don’t have education ,sometimes times society considered them to be low in strength and sometimes question their intelligence .

Today also in many workplaces the big companies they don’t considered the woman as equal to the man,Women Empowerment in the 21st century Articles the opportunity which a man can have in the workplace or whether in the daily life the same opportunities are not given to a woman . People consider that a woman can only make the food and can only handle the household , Yes they can handle the household but they if they can handle household they can handle the entire world .

There are many women who have proved this like Indira Gandhi who was the former prime minister of India , Mary kom who have handled her house plus in the sport she won many gold medals for India.A woman needs to prove themselves on every stage while we don’t question a man to prove themselves , it’s time for women to empower themselves not by asking the help but by understanding how important they are to the society , what they are serving to the society .

Education is one of the factor which affect the empowerment of women ,still in many rural areas and some of the urban areas the woman’s are not highly educated or neither they have any facilities for getting education, They are not aware of what they can do, they are not aware how much strength do they have.

For developing country ,India we have to first empower every woman in India. There are many crimes against women everyday whether it’s rapes or we talk about eve teasing or domestic violence. By educating a woman we are not educating a single person we are educating the whole family the whole next generation.Woman empowerment leads to decrease the domestic violence, uneducated women are at the higher risk for domestic violence then an educated woman.

Woman population constitute around 50% of world population a large number of women around the world are unemployed the world economy suffers a lot because of the unequal opportunities for women at workplaces , the main advantage of women empowerment is that there will be an overall development in a society. There are many schemes launched by the government for empowering the women but we have to work on execution.

Still many women in India are not empowered ,even they cannot write their own name, how can we expect them to fight against any violence which they are facing .Moreover, her empowerment helps ,her to get rid of social violence and atrocities against her. It can help her to fight for her rights.

There are several NGOs to working for the women right and the empowerment make them aware about in what world they are living in, what opportunity they have for the future , to grow themselves and to fight against for them ,One of the NGO in india is lakshyam ,who who truly works for empowering women by educating them ,by making them aware, give confidence to them which a woman need to represent themselves .

Lakshyam have a program called ROOH, which mostly focus on women empowerment and the needs of a woman. Currently are striking 245 million women across India are unable to read or write, this severely limit their position and opportunities available to them in the society that is why Lakshyam NGO for women empowerment steps in to create an impact by changing the life of a woman from these background by creating the set goals and training sessions to make them self sustainable in life.

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