Fault in Gender and Faultless Nature

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Nature is very fair as far as gender bias is concerned.  The female face the discrimination in human world as against male in the case of animal world......

What is gender bias or discrimination? Does gender bias exist in animal world also? If so,Guest Posting who suffers the discrimination the worst?  Which get isolated, become helpless and impecunious at the end? How this ‘bias’ is different in animal world from human world?

All the life forms on earth where the sexes are distinct and separate (bisexual), gender bias / discrimination do exist.  We need to understand that there are three possible types of ‘gender bias’ can been noticed / observed on earth viz.,

1.                  Naturally existing ‘gender bias’ in animal world

2.                  Naturally existing gender bias in human world

3.                  Man made gender bias in the world of animals & plants

In the animal world, the male gender is the worst sufferer as they have no power or privilege to select or chose their wife. To be successful, they need multiple wives, young ones and the social set up.    During breeding season, they are left only with the responsibility of proving that they are the best and duly qualified for selection.  Only if they get selected or they receive the appointment order as ‘husband’ from the female animal, they can have wives & children and also can fulfill the very biological purpose of their birth and existence.  If they (male animals) become old and weak, they will be eliminated from the role of husband and are removed from the social group.  They were the kings or team leaders once upon a time and who were defending and safeguarding the entire group, but it is an old story.  In general, the male animals face the ‘gender bias’ in the animal world. 

Interestingly, in human world, women suffer the worst.  The man, old or young, always looks for young and healthy woman.  Having lived with the wife for any number of years, many may not bother the ditch them in a very impecunious way for the sake of other woman. This trend can be seen in general in human world. 

In human world, the women are the worst sufferers of the gender bias.  In general, women have to struggle hard to impress the man continuously if they want to maintain their status quo.

If we look at the scenario of man made gender bias in animal world, by and large, male animals are the key sufferers when man intervenes.  Be it a bull or a buffalo or an elephant or a musk deer, only male animals are targeted, tortured and killed.  The female animals are largely spared.  Man made gender bias goes against male gender than against the female animals.

In the case of plants also, the male plants are weeded out as they produce no fruits.  The male plants are targeted, sorted and then removed.  

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