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Rings have long been used as adornment since the dawn of civilization.  This write-up discusses the most revered type in western society, its use as a wedding ring or wedding band.  This will try to cover the range of choices available today.

Karat vs. Carat. Based on www.essortment.com ,Guest Posting the Karat is a measurement unit of the amount of gold used in an item while the Carat measures the weight of a gemstone.  Both words are drawn from “carob” which is actually a Mediterranean type of tree that produces seeds or beans that always have the same size and weight.  Upon noticing the reliability of this trait, the ancients started using the seeds to measure precious metals and stones and eventually to balance their scales for any other items.

Gold is a precious metal, but is very soft in its pure form. To strengthen it when used in jewelry it then has to be mixed with other metals to form an alloy. http://gilletts.com.au lists the standard metals in jewelry making as titanium, silver, platinum, stainless steel, rhodium and palladium. 

Silver, is also a popular option according to http://www.metalsmiths.com/wedding.html but is also soft in its pure form, but just like gold you have to watch out for proportions of metals used in a ring as it will not only determine the durability of a ring, but its color and luster as well. Silver is becoming a very popular choice in modern Society, as it is very inexpensive.

The strongest and costliest precious metal is Platinum and is also becoming a very “hip” choice for couples.  Still, it needs a bit of ruthenium and iridium to make durable for everyday use. It’s a white metal that gives off a very excellent polish.

Almost any other metal, even copper or meteoric iron can be used as a ring, just watch out for any allergies from these metals for certain skin types.

http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=I._Maher  brings us back to precious gems.  Make it top of mind that Carat measures density i.e. weight not size.  When speaking of diamonds, we are often reminded of the 4 C’s, and referring to http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/159/the-four-cs-of-diamonds/ it defines the first and most important one as the CUT. This determines how much sparkle or “light performance” each stone will give.  The Cut grade is responsible for how much light goes in the top of the diamond, or “table” as they call it, and ultimately how much light pop back out the same place.

Then there is COLOR. For diamonds, less is more. Basic science tells us that the lower tint a gem has then the more it can reflect back, thus more sparkle. The “whiter” it is the expensive it will be, so while pink and blue diamonds may exist, it’s the clear ones that the purists prefer. D is the highest grade a diamond can get while Z is the lowest.

CLARITY. It’s like seeking the perfect cherry blossom at spring for the Japanese, they will never find one but will always believe that there is one.  Diamonds are rare, that’s why we have to kill ourselves to afford one. But grading one perfectly cut and free from “natural” flaws is another thing in itself. In the movies, we will always see the aged jeweler with peering in that “microscope monocle”, which is actually the best way to check for the flaws since most of them are not seen by the naked eye.

Finally, we have the CARAT. Proportionally speaking, heavier diamonds will be the bigger diamonds and they are rare to find.

For types of rings, we link back to www.metalsmiths.com/wedding.html and find three types. The first, being the most traditional one is the Half-round bands which are rounded at the edges, domes to the center but is flat at the bottom. Next is the Flat Bands, which logically have edges being flat on both sides.  Most of the bands that are riddled are actually this type. Finally there is the new Comfort-Fit type that is heavier than usual and is contoured on both sides, therefore making it comfortable. 

Now bear these things in mind when choosing your bands as ultimately these classifications matter than the actual visual design. Wedding rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime, making it a very wise decision to ask the right questions before you commit to your decision.  Where you purchase the ring will only give it social value, your informed decision it what will matter in the end.

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