Human Selfishness Affects The World

Jan 11


Mohan Thulasingam

Mohan Thulasingam

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Selfishness cannot guarantee an everlasting happiness, but Peace does. Because happiness from selfishness is temporary in nature.


Selfishness sprout from the desires for own development,Human Selfishness Affects The World Articles and grows through greed, competition, and enmity by ignoring others' interests. The intensity of selfishness increases with the rise in population and educational levels. Man's selfishness never ends till death. The numerous ways in which human selfishness have manifested so far are presented hereunder.

Man domesticated the bullocks and horses to plough the land and transport the produce. Cow, Buffalo, Camel, and Goats were reared to snatch the milk meant for their young ones. Nothing is spared by humans to douse his hunger. Every possible source is tapped for food; meat from fish, animals, birds and even worms, and grains, vegetables, oils, and fruits from the plants and trees. Safety concerns. Dogs have been tamed for hunting and personal protection. Cats reared to control the damages from rats. Pigeons befriended for communication. Some people grow the fish and even wild animals to proclaim their status and wealth. For development and shelter, buildings and industries were built by encroaching the agricultural and forest land. In that process, the forests gave way to the concrete jungles. Man started using the Horses, Bulls, Dogs, Elephants, Camels, etc. for travel and transportation purposes.

Any selfishness leading to the public welfare is desirable. Fish cleanses the pond by feeding on the moss and insects in the water. Any deed to earn a good name and publicity amounts to selfishness only. Politicians give away freebies during election time to garner votes. Selfishness exist at individual, society and national levels. A person indulges in wrong actions to earn more. Leaders develop vested interests for retaining their power in a society. Nations encourage dissension and division to weaken the sovereignty of another nation.

The Indiscriminate selfishness of humans has caused the ecological imbalance, extinction of many species of flora and fauna, pollution, and scarcity of water and food. With the alarming selfishness seen the world over, nothing will be left on this planet but own species in peril. What is the man going to achieve for posterity by encroaching on other lives and destroying the environment? It's high time he realizes the mistakes and switches to a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Selfishness cannot guarantee everlasting happiness, but Peace does. Because happiness from selfishness is temporary in nature. However, peace cannot be achieved through war or terrorism. Mutuality and sharing alone can bring about peace. This is the reason behind the formation of the world bodies like UNO.

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