International Economical Situation After Adjustment Of Economic Globalization

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after financial crisis, there appears great trouble and different situation of global economy, what are the new characters of global economy now?


After adjusting economic globalization,Guest Posting global economy has grown up deeply with unexpected rapid speed and scale. The global repositions of resources and manufacturing techniques have brought important and deep changes into global political and economic structure. There are main seven features of present global economical situation.

1.                      Global economy increases rapidly. The economical development of some developed countries such as America, European, Japan, which has maintained a rapid development of global economy. And developing countries are taking the role of helping each other and echelon development.

 In 2007 global economy grows up at the rate of 4%. There is a little fall in American economy while keeping stable. American export amount has been surpassed by German in 2006, with information index lower than that of European. Subprime crisis have made American economy advantages been gradually erode and resolved, with the continuing expanding negative effects.

2.       With financial innovation, especially exploitation and promotion of financial derivative securities. With the increase of financial integration, global financial industry has presented explosive growth.

 The disorder flow of huge sum of international amount and investment not only do great harm to the economy of developing countries, but also make developed countries involved. Capital market has become the main body of global financial market.

3.       The fluidness of international capital market and labor market has become stronger, the fluidness of productive elements have become global market.

International capital market becomes more mature, with increase on fluidness. There is a further improvement on global labor market. According to the records of International Labor Organization, in next 10 years, there will be seven million people in developing countries enter global labor market. The form of global industrial chain, as well as reasonable and unreasonable parts of resource allocation will appear further, unbalanced global increasing method is modeling a new global economical structure.

4.       New market economies become more and more concrete, blending into global economical system soon and bringing new powers into global economy.

The gradual mature of market economical system at a lot of new developing countries, comprehensive speed-raising of East Asia, Latin America, Commonwealth of Independent States, the starting of economy at Africa, Middle East, the rapid development of domestic capital market at these countries, which has caused evident decline of rely on foreign investment, the strength of protection and usage on their own resources and energies, and some export outer-directed developing counties have realized the diversification of trade structure gradually.

5.       There are more blends and intersects on developing method at nothem and sountem countries, the tendency is the multilateral coordination of economic field, new big countries have stepped faster toward development, economic power accelerate diversification.

Under the background of global economy, developed countries and developing countries are making benefits for themselves, there appears a complete relationship.

6.       All kinds or bilateral free trade develop rapidly, international trade and multinational investment become more and more active, negotiation at FTA is unfolding, through agreement of free trade and some other forms, it is popular for new powers and traditional countries too form economical alliance.

Regional economic cooperation is the inevitable product of all countries complying with the development of times, even some countries have taken regional development as support. It is a reasonable choice in order to slow down disorder attack by global economy.

7.       Prices rise on international energies and resources, there is also a faster step on the adjustment of international energy structure, the struggle for energies and some other strategic resources have become the biggest uncertain factors for the influence toward international economic relationship.

Some countries who are rich in resources, especially oil and gas resources, mastered the best opportunity for price rising of resource products, not only did they gain huge income but also increase their status and influence among international economic system.

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