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Don't turn your party into a lifelong feud with the neighbours! Parties are fun for most, but can turn into a nightmare for neighbours.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you remain on good terms with your neighbours after your party ends.

1. Tell them about your party well in advance. They need to know start and end times,Guest Posting number of guests etc.
2. If possible invite your neighbours.
3. Make sure that your guests don't park where they shouldn't and ensure the neighbours have access to their property at all times.
4. Keep the noise to a reasonable level especially after 11 pm.
5. Many people even though they are upset with something don't complain so check on your neighbours during the course of the party to make sure that they are OK with everything. Give them a quick contact in the event of problems.
6. Respect your neighbours views. If you're party involves anything that could cause offence ensure that it doesn't take place in full view of the neighbours.
7. If your neighbours have young children be especially vigilant regarding your guest behaviour in view of the neighbours.
8. After the party make sure you clean up in front of your neighbours house as well as your own.
9. If you have outdoor lights and decorations make sure they don't light up your neighbours house as well. Bright or flashing lights can be just as irritating as loud music.
10. A post party thank you gift like birthday cake, or balloons for the kids etc. Just something small will do just so they know you appreciated their cooperation.

Then you can look forward to hosting your next party.

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