How Not to Start a Website

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Are you planning on makingyour first website? Then please don't do it this way !

  1. Buy yourself a web editing tool like Dreamweaver,Guest Posting Frontpage -cost >$150
  2. Get a web hosting provider that supports 100G storage, SQL database, PHP, and anything else you can think of.-- cost >$100
  3. Find out that Dreamweaver isn't so easy after all so you buy a book. cost >$30.
  4. Still can't get the hang of it so you go on a course --cost >$300.
  5. Decide you need to learn HTML so you buy another book --cost >$10.
  6. Now your really getting going and you start making the website.
  7. After a few weeks you have written a few pages but you're having a few doubts as it really isn't as easy as you though it would be at the start.
  8. You manage to get the pages on the web- You're really proud!
  9. You've submitted the site to the 2,500 search engines- it only cost $30 but the nice ad said that's all you need to do!
  10. A few weeks go past and  no one visits you're site. You try to find yourself in the search engines but no luck. You're upset!
  11. You see an ad promising to get you on the top page in Google and Yahoo only $200. That's just what you need- You're happy again!
  12. The nice  man at the SEO company starts talking to you about "keywords" and "optimization" and "SERPs" and you get a nice warm glow. But you're not really sure what it's all about and it's starting to give you a headache anyway. Not to worry - he knows what he's doing!
  13. He tells you it's no problem he'll get you on the first page in Google, Yahoo and MSN for the following searches."belly button jewellery", "Gold platted belly button jewellery" etc.
  14. But you want to be found for --jewellery. Because that's what you sell.
  15. He says that's not possible and you become angry!
  16. You've had enough of this website nonsense- It doesn't work anyway!
  17. But then you get a nice email from someone- don't know him though- he can get you 1000s of visitors. Now you're in business! It's a bit expensive but not to worry you've come this far!
  18. Just as the ad said, the visitors start coming- This web stuff is easy! Now you're smiling.
  19. Oh! you think- no one is buying- Now you're upset again.
  20.  But wait- You remember that other email that came the other day about emailing you're ad to millions of people.

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