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Every scientist, thinker, economist and sociologist of the world is worried about the possibility of a pain bestowing world annihilation. What shall happen in future? Definitely no prophecy can be made with reference to this. The future remains veiled and unpredictable.

Half the entire world’s brilliantly talented people are somehow or the other associated with industries related for war purposes. Capital and funds of gigantic amounts are invested for this end. The very thinking and skills of leaders of the world too are in nexus with all this. Lest this entire system is used for war goals only know that nuclear weapons shall doubtlessly render planet earth powdered to dust. Thus over here nothing like ‘life’ shall exist in future. Lest no war is waged a new other type of hazard shall crop up wherein what should be done about nuclear bombs and other explosive materials already produced in large numbers? Today public power,Guest Posting wealth power and material mean power is invested for war purposes. Thus henceforth, how to turn upside down successfully this problem, so that these 3 powers are used for world welfare tasks only.

Amongst these the most terrible is man’s lopsided thinking. Man has become nothing short of a ghost since he reeks with narrow minded selfishness, indolence, immersed in sense gratification and an unethical character. It just does not matter if externally he dons the superficial garb of a god or ‘pious’ saint. Today’s dire world conditions has rendered all diseased physically, lacking useful materials, worried, stressed out, intolerant and desirous of selfish gains. How can all this come to a grinding halt? By living in these very conditions can anything be achieved in future times to come? Due to this worry it is quite natural that every thinking person is rendered perplexed and in a fix. One just cannot predict what shall happen in future?

On this very basis every scientist, thinker, economist and sociologist of the world are worried about the possibility of a pain bestowing world annihilation. What shall happen in future? Definitely no prophecy can be made regarding this. The future remains veiled and unpredictable. Nothing can be prophesized about it beforehand. Destiny does not say that a certain incidence in future shall occur in this or that manner. As per situations faced imaginations or possibilities regarding the future can prove to be totally wrong. Yet based on certain glaring facts a lot of inference can be made regarding future possibilities and to a great extent they come true also.

If we leave aside astrologers who make mathematical calculations and people who predict the future using their advanced Extrasensory Powers/ESP even then based on facts the importance of people showcasing guidelines regarding future events shall definitely remain because on that basis important contribution is made available that aid establishing of present day activities. Hence today astrology that encompasses making prophecies about the future is being accepted as a very important science amongst high intellectuals the world over and it is being augmented and upheld with great zest.

The advancement of the knowledge branch of prophesying has been done in a very high stature manner in USA. The government there under the leadership of Prof Daniel Wale set up a committee wherein in the year 2000 AD what shall be the world’s nature has been put forth prophetically. The committee’s report has been published in 5 volumes.

Apart from this the head of Herman Institute, Herman Kohn and his associate Anthony Weiner has written a book on this very topic called ‘The year 2000 AD: A framework for speculation’. In it too by the end of the 20th century a well detailed and factual description of world future events has been mentioned.

In the past days too these types of books predicting future events have been published and are called ‘Utopia’. A collection of many such books has been published under the title of ‘Yesterdays Tomorrows’.  In the past Bertrand Russell, Thomas Moore, Aldus Huxley, Swift, Brelsford and other thinking scholars have published books either regarding the entire world or a particular region of the world. 

These predictions made are certainly not based on some random haphazard wild imagination but that behind them keeping in mind present activities and future situations some sort of definite conclusion is drawn. By taking help of facts related to science’s progress, industrial development, political upheavals, population explosion, limited founts of various means, transformation in human nature, balance as far as demand and supply is concerned etc this conclusion is drawn as to in what position the camel of future shall sit down. All these facts influence each other. In which direction is a particular fact leaning towards? In future what kind of twists shall be noted in them? Those who possess radiant power of imagination in order to truly understand this chess game and are also gathering required facts in their real form, for such people it is not tedious to draw conclusions of future events that generally prove to be true later. Big time corporate firms of highly developed countries are known to set up one entire department that research into these future prophecies and for this these industry honchos spend hefty amounts of cash.

Within the knowledge branch of futurology in the recent past one particular institute of USA is executing important research studies and its name is Rand. It has a gigantic building near Santa Monica beach. In it many highly intellectuals by studying deeply the world’s various activities on gauging future possibilities placed forth those conclusions that gave useful suggestions to various classes of USA. One amongst these researchers was Herman Kohn. By dissociating himself from the above institute he set up a new one very similar to the previous one. He named it the Herman Kohn Institute. It was also labeled ‘think tank’ by others. Herman is said to be one of the leading intellectuals of the world.

A very important book written by Herman is called ‘On thermo nuclear bar’. In this book he has highlighted nuclear wars, their possibility and their heinous reactions. He has hence suggested that regarding this fearful situation what should America do? This book has created a great upheaval in the psyche of laymen and the USA government. On the one hand the publisher of the book eulogized this book a great deal yet by calling the author ‘idiot genius’ also scoffed at him. Whatever may have been the case, Herman studiously continued with his research endeavor. In his research institute 75 people worked. Amongst these 35 were very high stature scholars imbued with the power of subtle vision and hindsight. This futurist weighing 300 pounds has earned world renown as a walking talking computer. Time and again prophecies made by Herman as far as politics and the corporate world is concerned have come true.

Herman Kohn has drawn the world’s attention to population explosion, increased material prosperity, increased government controls, increased scientific advancement and increased selfish greed and has said that well in time these fearful trends must be stopped from proliferating further else in the 21st century very disastrous situations shall have to be faced the world over. Today’s progress in future days can prove to be a noose in the neck of mankind.

Doubtlessly man has developed unlimitedly in the past few centuries. This era of ours is called that of progress. Regarding this progress it is said that those attainments and information got by our ancestors in comparison to them today’s modern attainments are n fold more. This declaration is true only up to a certain point that doubtlessly augmenting has been witnessed yet what needs to be pondered over is that in which direction has this progress headed towards? Moving forward could be either in the direction of uplifting or it could lead to a massive downfall too. We cannot say that progress has been achieved merely due to increased production of material comforts and various facilities. In fact true development involves right wholesome usage of these materials by harboring true wisdom. Lest these increased materials however advanced scientifically are misused for destructive purposes leading to the world’s overall downfall we can only say that in comparison to this ‘progress’ that situation of lack was much better wherein mankind lived lives of true love, affection, goodwill and peaceful contentment.

In which direction has present progress been attained? What exactly have we achieved from it? How much has it contributed towards increasing man’s bodily, mental and social peace? Has it increased human pen chance for imbibing more and more human and spiritual values? All this is food for thought and must be deeply cogitated over.

West Germany is the leader in Europe as far as highly developed industrialization is concerned and France is said to be richest in entire Europe. The citizens of both these countries possess a lot of material comforts and are materially very prosperous.

Yet these rich citizens have no spare time to think over the fact that apart from using this prosperity for individual sense merriment other wholesome welfare tasks too can be executed. They feel instead that the joy bestowing titillation they get from material objects is the be all and end all of life. Solely in Paris city there are such clubs numbering 1500 where young men and women dance nakedly and are immersed in sense titillating music. Use of intoxicants there has reached sky rocketing heights. In East Germany 400,000 men and 200,000 women are such that day and night are immersed in intoxicant abuse. In France for every set of 100,000 citizens each year 20 people become victims of road accidents since they use intoxicants in untold measure. In America due to drug alcohol abuse number of people dying every year is 350,000.

When Russia is all set to compete in a cut throat manner with USA in all walks of life why should it remain behind as far as abuse of intoxicants is concerned? In Russia 20,000,000,000 roubles or as per Indian currency 200,000,000,000 rupees are spent in drinking vodka alcohol.

The stress of a lonely life, perturbed mind and indefinite suspicions is becoming such a heavy burden that people without devouring sleeping pills they cannot rest their brains into much required tranquility. These sleeping pills have become a part of daily meals. Tension increasing day after day induces man to par take intoxicant drugs. But the effect of these drugs diminishes in tandem with higher dosage intake and hence perforce man devours more and more of these drugs. At such times one feels that one has solved the problem of lack of sleep, yet due to this pill intake, such toxicity enters the deep recesses of the body’s subtle centers that various types of bodily and mental diseases emerge. In fact these drugs devoured by parents harm their new born baby right since its inception in their mother’s womb. In USA each year 250,000 children are born physically and mentally challenged. Last year such handicapped children born touched a high number of 15,000,000. In England for every 40 new born babies 1 born is either handicapped or mentally challenged. In Hong Kong the ratio is 1 handicapped for every 87, in Spain 1 for every 75, in Australia 1 for every 53 etc. The one sole reason for this is habit of intoxicant usage increasing both in males and females. At night they cannot sleep without using sleeping pills.

In both marriages and divorces Americans very ‘zestfully’ become participants. There each year 1,913,000 new marriages and 534,000 divorces are recorded. In every 3.5 marriages at least 1 undergoes divorce. In that country these days 30,000,000 women instead of getting entangled in the noose of marriage are living as spinsters and others on once experiencing bitter venom on getting married get divorced and vow not to marry again.

What kind of mal influence is seen on children in a family reeking with loose morals and unethical tendencies? One can gauge this via one lone data that before reaching the mature age of 18 years 1 out of every 6 American youth lands in jail due to pursuing big time criminal acts.

This is one facet of development that can be noted with the gross eye and a gross intellect also on the basis of tangible proof with which it understands development’s perilous consequences. Yet there are innumerable other such snapshots which on remaining veiled renders the lay public uninformed about its destructive effect. Take for example drug and alcohol abuse. Almost the same measure of wealth and human labor is utilized in producing intoxicating materials and drugs as is used in war based industries. One can calculate how much of his life span man has burnt up in waging wars. If man’s average age is said to be 60 years and that those dying fighting wars do so at the age of 35 years, it can be safely said that an average soldier burnt to naught 25 years of his life in fighting heinous wars. Lest in wars 100,000 people die we have to accept that 2,500,000 years of human life span has been sacrificed in wars. Now take the other example of intoxicant abuse. If we believe that half the world’s population drink alcohol, take drugs etc and amongst those 2,000,000,000 people each human is decreasing 10 years of his life span in intoxication, it shall be said that 20,000,000,000 years of human life span has been engulfed by the demon called intoxicant abuse. Not only is this no less than wars waged but that this sort of resultant destruction super cedes it n fold. If we compare wealth and human labor used in making war technology as against that used for making and buying intoxicant materials know that the latter beats the former hollow. Dynamite is lit and after the explosion no clue about it remains behind. Even when intoxicants are used they get destroyed immediately and thus to this extent both show similar results. Yet the unseen influence of intoxicant abuse lasts much longer later too. Those people who use it live chaotic diseased lives and pass their days wailing aloud in rank anguish. This dire mal influence gets passed on from generation to generation.

It is said that by drinking alcohol etc one’s indolence decreases and that one’s sorrow faced in life melts away. Hence why execute those tasks that induce indolence and sorrow? One can live a carefree life of civility and thus get saved from situations that create indolence and strife. Lest in place of destruction creative tasks of well being are pursued and in place of intoxicants a gigantic milk industry is set rolling such arrangements can be made that each person daily gets 1 liter of milk to drink. By using dung of animals especially aged beasts who can no longer give useful products like milk etc barren arid lands can be rendered fertile on a war footing.

A small example of human brain’s destructive and creative potential is that in the name of war and intoxication induces such a massive downfall and that man persists in chopping off his own legs with an axe.

So far we have spoken about only misuse pursued by the human brain. The influence of these dire results and misuse most definitely falls on material nature/Prakriti. How agitating and destructive shall these be? One cannot even imagine it! How shall the reaction of natural calamities pose hazards for the very existence of the human race? The answer is that it can be seen in the form of population explosion, air/water pollution and distortions setting in due to insane milking of nature based wealth. Its analysis and description has time and again been given by authoritative brilliantly talented people, experts and scholars the world over.

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