Is Our Planet Overpopulated?

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The recent researches have raised the problem of overpopulation due to food and natural resources problems.

These researches are so crucial in their decisions that it would be useful to determine whether there is such problem and if there is,Guest Posting how to control overpopulation in order to save our environment and decreases the number of hungering people. Some countries have taken this problem very seriously because they lack even land for large population. For example, Asian countries like China and Japan have developed children control programs where a family is financially 'punished' by having more than one child. Instead, the government takes much of care and assistance for those families who agree to have one child only. Some European countries have risen the same question by giving China and Japan as good examples. However, European countries have rather opposite problem which is not obvious for a few only. European population is getting older every day and population control will lead to disaster. Yet, developing and undeveloped countries are overpopulated according to statistics, but they do not see their problems in overpopulation. Their poverty ironically upshots higher population growth as people becomes irresponsible which may perhaps be the adverse effect of the deficiency of decent education and satisfactory upbringing. However, it is the question whether these countries do not really care of their population due to their irresponsibility or their understanding that poverty is not really cause by a large number of people. Many people from third countries say that their economic would never rise due to the high level of corruption and dependence of their government. They are sure they have enough natural resources and good environment to develop industries, however nobody who has a power does really want to care of or is even interested in rising his country.

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