What Is The Essential Weapon for Japan to Defeat China?

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Japan developed its economy later than many other countries in the world, but achieved more. Why?


   It is well known to all that the emergence of Japan happens during the recent 100 years. However,Guest Posting once Japanese appear, there will have uncommon performance. The first is within 30 days of Meiji Reform, they defeated North Marine Navy with one move, breaking the pay tribute principle in East Asia which has been dominated by China for thousands of years. The next 50 years, Japan has launched 14 wars, from 1895-1945, during the 50 years, there is 40 years in the state of wars, not only making Chinese as their slave but also forcing Russia, Britain, France---- the old colonial empires to lose their weapons, even America---- a new strong power, had also suffered losses before the Pacific War.

The second factor is the economy in Japan. From 1868, Japan has become one of the 5 strongest countries in the world within 50 years, after 2nd World War, Japan became second place among international economy just spending more 20 years, then the first place with per capita GNP advantaging America from 1983. Japan is also the biggest creditor nation in the world, there are 40% of American national debt mastered by Japan. Though there is not enough resources in Japan, she has become the No. 1 heavy manufacturing country in the world, especially good at great industry.

No matter military or industry, Japan requires high social motion ability. The main reason why Japan creates remarkable wonders is that the nation of Japan has a kind of motion ability which cannot be compared by any other countries in the world.

In order to analysis the reason why Japan defect China, at first we should start with her motion ability. In European, there is a country which can be compared with Japan----the German. Actually the performance of Japan is better than German, in the field of military and industry, Japan starts later than German, with worse basis, but nowadays the GDP in Japan is twice than that of German. The two countries have the same reason, namely the strong national submissiveness, owning the same name of machine. While Japanese are more crazy, winning the name of economical machine.

The reason why Japanese can defect China at Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, excepting the advantages in political system, the more important reason is that there is a more advanced mobilization system in Japan. In order to defect China at one action, Japan has arouse the power of the whole nation, Mikado as general, moving base camp from Tokyo to Hiroshima. In order to save expenses and support front line, Mikado only eat one meal per day, all the financial resources, physical resources, human resources have been sent to front line. While the Chinese court, seeing North Marine Navy and South Marine Navy defecting, they did not dispatch anything to front line for help.

During the development of capitalism, Japan just takes the last bus. Relying on good national sense of organizational discipline and uniformed battle effectiveness force, in the later wars, not only did Japan make up the shortcomings in technologies but also obtain advantages in competition.

After 2nd World War, there is uniformed determination of whole Japan nation, they decided to realize rising through economy, with GNP increasing 152 times from 1950 to 1990. Behind such rapid Japanese speed, without such crazy and uniformed national character as supporting power, how can you imagine?

Japan is the first country in the world promoting national system in world military history. During 2nd World War, Japan once prepared for the victory at all efforts, making the last struggle, then promoting to recover at all efforts, presenting a new look to the world again.

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