Major Reasons for Population Explosion

Mar 11


Isabella Grace

Isabella Grace

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The main considerations that are answerable for the population explosion are the absence of education, diminished mortality, expanded birth rate, and expansion in the future.


One of the major concerns that the world is facing today is the population explosion. Despite there being a worldwide crisis,Major Reasons for Population Explosion Articles this issue has been restricted to developing or underdeveloped countries like India, China, and some Latin and African countries. What exactly is a population explosion, you’d ask? It is an upsetting increase in the population of people living in a specific area. This creates several long-term and short-term problems. And if the governments continue to take this matter lightly, the world will experience an unexpected crisis.

There are numerous causes of this growing concern. To begin with, the most obvious reason is that the birth rate is increasing every second. Due to the lack of awareness, people don’t realize the consequence of having more than one child. They’re specifically interested in growing their family name, unbothered by the impact.

This gives rise to the question, what about the death rate? Well, you’d be surprised to know that the gap between birth and death rate is quite significant. This has resulted because of evolution. In the last couple of decades, science and technology have witnessed fundamental changes. With exceptional progress, the mortality rate has decreased. New means have been generated to save lives, and many cures for a lot of illnesses are found.

In addition to this, the overall rate of life expectancy has grown. Previously, the life expectancy of people used to be between the ranges of 55-60. Now people are living up till they’re 75, and this is possible because of better nutrition, improved lifestyle, and accessibility.

Furthermore, when the level of illiteracy keeps on increasing, you can’t expect people to be aware of concepts like family planning. People associate religion and cultural notions with birth. Women, especially, are forced out of school, raped, domestically abused, and forced into having babies. Families bear children with the idea that the kids might grow up to support them financially. These wrongful assumptions are the reason why the world has witnessed an exponential increase in population.

This isn’t healthy, and we need to understand the effects of population because they are dangerous and the root of all that is evil.

The first and foremost problem that stems from the population explosion is unemployment. When the population increases, the demand for jobs and income also increases. This is a huge problem in India. Considering the fact that it is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population, the level of poverty found is pitiful. Despite making significant improvements, it is still far behind from the first world countries. The number of people living below the poverty line is unimaginable.

To reduce the population explosion, many things can be done. Delayed marriages should become a culture. When people get married late, they will automatically give birth to lesser kids. When a woman is educated and aware of her rights, she’ll be strong enough to make decisions. As a result, the birth rate will reduce instantly.

Moreover, the legislation system needs to get stricter. When strong laws are implemented on matters like child marriage, abortion, the abolition of child labor and education, the birth rate will automatically decrease. Apart from this, contraception should be easily accessible so that the population can be brought under control. Also, by making contraception cheap and acceptable, you can substantially decrease the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, it can be established that governments should focus on the development of the countries. By making education accessible to all, they can reduce the damage caused by the population explosion. Jobs like doctors, engineers, lawyers, and coursework writing help providers should be made common. And most importantly, public workshops and seminars should be conducted to generate awareness.

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