You Should Ask Yourself The Following Ten Questions Every Day

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everyday you should be positive, everyday you should know how to deal with all the things orderly and correctly, everyday you should learn how to live without so many troubles. Hope the suggestions can help you to be positive everyday.

If you want to walk away from convention and relax yourself,Guest Posting beginning everyday with a positive mind, it is necessary for you to start the new day in the way of asking yourself. These questions can provide us power and good mood.

1.       What do you possess?

Usually we will be distressed by what you do not possess, while you will not notice what you possess such as health, you can listen, look, love and be loved, everyday we will enjoy good food etc. Just as a famous saying that you will treasure only when you lost it. Let us get rid of sorrow, thus we can see what we possess.

 Answers: we possess health, family, disobedient son and several friends.

2.       What should I be proud of?

You should be proud of the achievements that you have obtained. No matter big or small the achievement is, every success means that you have stepped out. You can be proud of a challenge you have overcome just now, be happy because you have helped a stranger just now, smile for the assistance on a friend, read a new book or make a new friend.

 Actually everything should be proud of.

     Answers: yes. I am proud because my dream has become reality under my efforts. I am content.

3.       What should you be deeply grateful to?

Every day there are many things that you should be deeply grateful, as well as many people, because they have taught us something unintentionally. Everyday in life is a precious present to us.

  Answers: you should be grateful to those who help you, with appreciation in heart.

4.       How should I be full of energy?

Every day you should plan some positive things in life in order to make yourself full of energy, e.g. you can call those who you have appreciated and not contact for a long time, say some encouraging words to your partners, keep smiling, or you can leave out some time to play with your children.

  Answers: spend everyday to the fullest, do yourself best, smile

5.       What kind of problem I can solve today?

You should try to solve those problems today which you want to deal with them tomorrow. You should try your best to finish handy job at the same day, brave enough to deal with those tough problems, viewing them in another point.

 Answers: you should finish all the things the same day.

6.       Can I abandon the past burden?

It means the sad experience and complaint accumulated for a long time. What is the function for bearing such heavy burden? How about you make a conclusion about the valued experience, then abandoning it forever?

  Answers: yes, I can. I shall not be too strict with myself.

7.       How can I change my point of views when solving problems?

Men are always the advisor for others, not for themselves. At most times, the essential problem is the way we look at things. Many people have experienced one thing and worried about it so much, when looking back, you may think this is too fanny. Sorrow and happiness just lies at the way we look at things.

  Answers: you should change your thinking method and points of view.

8.       How can I pass to day happily?

You can do something usual from other days. If we walk away from conversation, learn to enjoy life, the life will become colorful. We should be brave to create and innovate.

 Answers: give yourself a topic and have a try, I believe there will be some results.

9.       Who I will hug today?

Hug is spiritual food for us. Once a psychologist said if you want to be healthy, you should hug at least 8 times everyday. Body contact is the basic requirement for human, which can even help us develop brains.

 Answers: give your son a hug, then confidence and kindness are transmitted without words.

10.   Shall I start action now?

Actually life is not the same as in your imagination. To make life dull or positive, it is decided by yourself. To live happily, what should you lose then?

  Answers: yes, you can do it just now.

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