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Point 1: Rudy T steps downLet me get this ... Rudy T, whose Lakers right now are still ... 7th place in the ... their star ... he is stepping down on Tuesday

Point 1: Rudy T steps down

Let me get this straight. Rudy T,Guest Posting whose Lakers right now are still maintaining 7th place in the conference...WITHOUT their star player....says he is stepping down on Tuesday for both health reasons and dissatisfaction with the Lakers performance??? This two-time NBA championship team head coach, in the first year of a five year 30 million dollar deal, who has earned the respect and love of his players needs to retire only halfway through the first season because of a tummy ache?? Read between the lines people. While Kobe is out with an injury, he is not actually out of the picture. Here is a man that is really running the Lakers and everyone knows it. He most likely was doing that on the court during game time and off the court in terms of being a general manager. Rudy, as long as he kept his smile on, was probably allowed to run the practices and develop a Kobe playbook. With Kobe on the sidelines, Rudy most likely had enough of Kobe intruding himself on what little areas he still actually had control. Folks, tummy pains are in indication of stress in the workplace. Kobe Bryant is an indication of a stress induced. Sure, we were going to give Kobe another chance, but Rudy Tomjanovich smells way to fishy. In fact, it just plain stinks.

Point 2: Sam Mitchell on Point with Alston

The Raptors are looking for the heir apparent to Vince Carter's legacy. Looks like the may have found him...at least the dark version...in Rafer Alston. We love the fact that Mitchell is intent on running the Raptors his way. From taken out Jalen Rose from the starting line up, to benching Alston for his conduct on the court and in practice, Mitchell is showing he is all about business. A lot of coaches in the professional level have a lot of difficulty trying to manage a group of players that all make substantially more money than them. It is a known fact in the corporate world that you always pay employees more than what their direct reports are paid. A certain amount of respect is gained when your job has a higher paid. It is one of the reasons why some men would hate their wives making more money than them. Sam is not letting himself be intimidated by the players, regardless of status. From established superstars (Vince Carter), to role player veterans (Jalen Rose), to emerging stars (Alston and Bosh), Sam Mitchell is making the Raptors his own. Hopefully he will continue to be supported by the GM and above, as the Raptors will struggle through mediocrity for the next few years.

3-Pointer: 'Melo ain't no snitch!

But he sure can turn tricks! That's right, your boy Carmelo Anthony, has decided to help police in a new anti-drug campaign after he was seen in an Anti-Snitch DVD. The DVD has been in active circulation since November of 2004. No date as to when it was created, although it appears to have been done recently, and while Anthony was a Denver Nugget. While Carmelo does not actually have a speaking role in the video, he is seen right next to a man that warns viewers that they will "get a hole in" their heads if they are found snitching to police for any illegal activities that may be happening in the area. Carmelo Anthony is from the Baltimore area, where the tape has been circulation, and where recent threats have been made against people that have been known as having snitched to police in the past. You should remember that Carmelo recently had "one of his boys" take the fall for dope found in his backpack after a party.

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