How Motorcycle Accessories Lessen Damage during Accidents

Apr 18


Brandon P. Hull

Brandon P. Hull

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Motorcycle accessories are necessary because they add protection to the riders in case of accidents. Each gear helps lessen the impact or blow during to the rider's body. There are many motorcycle accessories and its important to know their uses.


To improve motorcycle safety,How Motorcycle Accessories Lessen Damage during Accidents Articles a rider must choose his clothing meticulously and add some motorcycle accessories. These accessories not only enhance the rider’s physical look but also protect its owner during accidents and lessen injuries.

1. Helmet. The main purpose of the helmet is to protect the rider’s head during impact. Other types of helmets provide additional protection such as face shield.  During a certain accidents and the rider is thrown in the air and lands on a hard surface, the outer layer or hard shell of the helmet spreads the impact over the whole area while the inner part usually polystyrene foam absorbs the energy so the skull and brain will have lesser impact.

2. Motorcycle Jacket and Pants. They come in one piece or two piece suit. Jacket protects the upper body while pants protect the lower extremities. Jackets have heavy padding in the elbow, spine, and shoulder region. It is usually made of nylon, leather or Kevlar. Leather is stronger, flexible and much tougher. It can resist tears, cuts, bursts and impacts. Jacket and pants are also useful against weather elements like rain and snow.

3. Boots. Worn by motorcycle riders and passengers lessen feet and ankle injuries while riding and in the incident of a crash. Tough, strong, moderately flexible boots with rigid soles are the qualities of boots that provide protection. Oil-resistant boots with rubber-based merged soles have a strong grip on the concrete and help keep the rider's feet on the pegs. The heels should be low and wide to provide a firm base when standing with the bike.

4. Gloves. Protect the rider’s wrist and fingers. Gloves have gauntlets that protect the wrists and help shrink drafts when riding at colder climates. Motorcycling gloves have reinforced palms that protect the rider from scratch injuries in case of an accident.  Gloves are generally made of leather or Kevlar and some include carbon fiber knuckle protection.

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