Different Types of Motorcycle Boots

Apr 29


Brandon P. Hull

Brandon P. Hull

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Motorcycle boots is an important footwear for motorcyclists. It comes in different styles and types. Regardless of style, a quality pair of boots is important to protect riders from everyday road hazards and injuries.


Motorcycle boots is not just a fashion statement,Different Types of Motorcycle Boots Articles it is also a protective gear. It protects the rider from painful exhaust burns from flying gravel broken ankles in case of road accidents. It also act as shield from the overall heat felt from the motorbike itself. There are various styles and types of boots to choose from which include the following:

The three basic types of motorcycle boots are: racing boots, motocross boots and street or touring boots. Racing boots are design to protect riders on the track. It has the highest level of armor and typically constructed by the material combinations of thick leather and heavy plastics. Motocross boots is similar to racing boots but are made for off road use. It is made of stiffer materials and is extended farther up the leg. Standard touring boots are fit for riders who spend most of their riding time on hard pavement. It is usually made of tough, heavy leather and has a low heel to allow the rider control of the motorcycle. Other types of boots like logger boots, steel boots, or lacer boots requires solid bottoms. It has extra padding to protect the feet from rocks, stones and metal objects.

In terms of style, there are also other types of motorcycle boots. These include black leather boots with buckles and classic engineer style boots. In general, motorcycle boots are made up of a shifter pad, an ankle protection and a non-slippery sole. It comes in a number of colors and designs that can match your bike. Customized motorcycle boots are also available if the rider wants to add some features and designs.

Regardless of the style chosen, the important point is that riders should have protective gears from foot to head, starting with a quality pair of protective motorcycle boots.