The Style of Skateboarders Can Be Showed through VANS

Nov 12


Justin Lin

Justin Lin

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VANS brand has many famous shoe styles, especially SK8-Hi. SK8-Hi means a fashion with regard to lots of people who love skateboarding. There completely showed the brand power of VANS in its development.

SK8-HI&OLD SKOOL has introduced Chukka,The Style of Skateboarders Can Be Showed through VANS Articles ERA, Mountain Edition, Slip-on, Old Skool and other shoe styles, and these ware all famous shoes of Vans. SK8-Hi; however, is always the first choice for people if they intend to purchase Vans. It can be completely attributed to the culture of skateboard as for the birth of SK8-Hi. In addition, SK8-Hi was originally designed for skateboard enthusiasts. In later time, it was chosen by harajuku brands because they specially seek to reach cooperation, therefore, there was the introduction of SK8-Hi to the circle of fashion. OLD SKOOL was a low barrel shoe style, which was super retro. Respectiely along with SK8-HI; it has been the champion in the skateboard market of low and high tubes. Its fashionable matching colors highlighted its difference.
Anti-Hero, Alien Workshop and Baker currently are three top enterprises of skateboarding. In the seemingly battlefield environment, furthermore, they support the skateboarding as much as possible in perseverance. VANS and these three enterprises have jointly sponsored some professional skateboard players, and the joint shoes have been introduced together. These special shoe styles not only can show each professional player's individual style, but also can endow it with different spirits because of each professional player's personality and individual style at the same time. The cooperation shoe style will be more glaring through this.
In 1966, which was a age with lots of world youth, VANS was set up in America. VANS brand was founded by Paul Van Doreen and his other three brothers who were Jim Van Doreen, Serge Delia and Gordy Lee. They were not content to give sudden huge profit to retailers when production was resold transferred to them at that time, and as a result in Anaheim, California, the first store was established particularly for selling their own products. The jewel grain was the pattern of the first pair of VANS shoes. The straight line grain was added to the soles by Paul later on, and then the soles can better stick to the ground and slip can be prevented. In addition, a lot of motorcycle riders also liked to put it on due to its strong stability on soles.
In 1976, there was a rise of the skateboarding surge. Paul, at that time, was required by Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta these two people who love skateboarding to produce a pair of bi-colorable skateboarding shoes for them. Since then, VANS became the special brand for skateboarding players. In 1982, there was a popular comedy called "Fast Times at Ridge Mont High", and Sean Penn played the role of Jeff Spicoli who was a skateboard expert in the film. VANS brand was remembered by more people since VANS shoes have been put on by him in the movie. There was the appearance of the signature shoes style of VANS three years later, moreover, it became known around California.

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