Tips to tackle first cycling tour

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Adventure cycle tours mostly refer to long-distance cycle tours. This is certainly challenging, cheap and memorable way of seeing the world. However, this requires preparedness to skip hotel beds and planes for cycling and a tent in the open road.

To begin with,Guest Posting here are few tips for your first cycle tour adventure:


Set upon a date and start planning

The hardest part is in really deciding to go on cycling tours and so setting the date is important. Only on date setting, you can give a concrete shape to your trip. First timers should begin during warm months, pick easy route, take some training and get fit on road. If required go through some touring blogs, it may help.


Buy right kit

Buy a good touring bike, free-standing tent, a cooking stove and bike waterproof bags. Consider sturdy touring bike that is steel-framed featuring steel rear and front racks to hold panniers.  Bear in mind to invest in hard-wearing as it will have all that you need, the stove, tent, electronics, clothing, sleeping mat and bag. Do consider lightweight gear as every inch or gram of weight matters. Use dry bags to compress clothes and do not over do anything that will gulp your budget. Do not forget mosquito spray, baby wipes and chlorine tablets.


Get the right route

Planning for cycling tours means first ditch the main roads. This is because it is often uninspiring and busy. Tap for regional resources offering excellent off-road rides. Get printed maps featuring alternative routes and lists of amenity.  Go on scenic routes as this will keep you fresh and energetic.


No unnecessary detours

Now, you have navigation app or GPS that is really reliable. Get it fit in your mind. There is no doubt that Smartphone’s are fascinating and helpful, but you must have proper access to the internet or electricity. Download maps that guide you through best roads and also the off beaten best tracks suitable for cycle touring.


Initiate Saving

Cycle tours cost little and if you are ready to sustain on rice and porridge at most times, you can work within your budget. On the way, you can find low-cost or even free accommodations. In fact, save some emergency money for kit replacements and bike repairs. Weather is unpredictable; preparedness to halt if required is a must.


Set goals

Setting goals is important. You may set this well before you initiate this tour. Setting goals is not easy, but the aim to achieve it helps in the completion of your itinerary. Apart from the roads quality and weather, setting goals helps in influencing your decision and keeps you going.




Learn cooking

Spend time to learn cooking on the camp stoves. A little creativity is required to make you some meal after a tiring day of pedaling. Rice, pasta and porridge are the best staples, but do throw some garlic, salt, chili, curry powder and pepper, so that your meal is exciting. Adding peanut butter is sure to make the worst meals into a delight.

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