A Review of the DVR Spy Watch

Jul 27


Christopher Winkler

Christopher Winkler

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The DVR Spy Watch is an incredible piece of technology that puts a video camera, still camera, a microphone, and a digital video recorder into a working men's watch. By compacting all of this technology into such a small area, this device can be use by Law Enforcement, private investigators, or peop


This video spy watch has a resolution of 640 x 480,A Review of the DVR Spy Watch Articles and records about 20 frames per second (fps). It has 4GB of internal memory, though the battery will die well before that is filled. While the video is not HD quality, for what it is, it is very clear and colorful, especially when you have a lot of nature in your picture. The color is very rich and lush when you photograph flowers or colorful objects.

If you can hold the camera still, the photo and video images are clear. The more you move the camera when it's filming, the blurrier it will be. Minute movements are amplified due to the miniaturization.

The DVR Spy Watch is made for easy operation by a person who is wearing it on their arm, and it can be used if you are left or right handed. It films out of the 2 O'Clock position on the dial. When you wear it on the top of your wrist, you can act normal and start recording.

You need to make sure you are pointing the face of the camera exactly at what you want to shoot, as our first videos were of the sky and the ceiling. You have to aim the face of the camera at what you want to video, as that is what is being recorded. If the watch is pointing at the ceiling, that is what you will film.

It's probably easier to use if you are left handed, as you can control the ON/OFF switch with your left fore finger naturally, otherwise you have to come up across the top of the watch with your right hand, and curve your right fore finger around the top of the watch to reach that button.

Either way, the video watch is easy to use. The battery needs to be charged for 3 hours, and you can do that with the included cable. The left side has a knob that unscrews, and and you insert a 3 ring mini jack plug into the port, and the other end goes in the USB port.

This is also how you upload the video and still picture files. On the left side of the watch, above the USB port at the 9 position, is the ON/OFF switch, and below it, is the RESET button. On the other side is the microphone and the time adjustment.

Pressing the ON/OFF button for a couple seconds turns on the status light, which is located at the very top of the dial. It's angled so you can pretend you are looking at the time, and you can see the tiny blue light. This is stand-by mode and you always return here before you turn it off.

The watch will automatically start recording in 2-3 seconds, and the status light will twinkle a greenish yellow. This is record mode, and it will record in 30 minute increments until the battery dies, typically 60-90 minutes. You can stop recording at any time by pushing the ON/OFF button again, and the status light will go back to blue.

You can now do one of three things;

   1. Start recording more video by pushing the ON/OFF again
   2. Enter still picture mode, and start taking still pictures
   3. Turn the watch off

To start recording agan, push the ON/OFF button, and it will go back to twinkling green, record mode. Stop recording by pushing the ON/OFF again, and you are back to stand-by mode.

To enter Photograph mode, quickly push the ON/OFF three times. In this mode, the status light will alternate between blue and green. Hold the watch still and press the ON/OFF button again. Hold still for 2 seconds while it takes the picture. You can take as many pictures as you like until the battery dies, or the memory is full; usually the former. To exit photograph mode, quickly press the ON/OFF again three times.

To turn off the DVR Spy Watch, hold down the ON/OFF for 3 seconds and the blue light will twinkle green, then turn off.

The video spy watch comes with a USB cable for uploading video and charging, and a "AA" battery field charger that will record the internal battery in about three hours. I have tried this battery charger on the DVR Spy Pen, and I have not had a lot of luck in getting it to record longer than the limitations of the internal battery at one time, though I'll keep experimenting.

You can upload the video to a PC, and watch it in Windows Media Player, KM Player, or VLC Media Player. Sadly, it won't work at all on an Apple computer; it does not even recognize it. However, if you can somehow download the video to a PC or flash memory reader first, you will be able to play them on your Mac.

Let's go over the pro's & con's:


    * Easy to use and operate
    * Discrete video recording
    * Large clear color video
    * Also takes still JPG pictures
    * AVI format works natively on a PC
    * Acceptable audio with low or no background noise


    * Won't work on an Apple computer
    * Audio effected by loud background noises like music, traffic, wind, and crowds
    * Recording time limited by battery life, not memory size
    * Does not record well in low light situations