Conquer These Territories To Stay Ahead In The It Industry For The Upcoming Years

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Conquering these territories can help you to stay ahead in the IT industry for the upcoming years

The great growling engine of change Technology

Everyone desires to be the technology leader,Guest Posting which requires staying ahead at every turn. The inability to adjust and settle in to the technological ambiance often leads to the downfall of vast empires. The collapse of Xerox and Kodak is a saga of technological shifts.

Whatever the hot trend is right now might be obsolete in 6 years. New technologies appear and disappear in short periods of time and its tough to pinpoint something specific. there are several things which are not going anywhere and therefore the pundits at Confluo after a careful analysis and research have assembled a list of technologies, methodologies and domains that professionals ought to become accomplished at in the following years to gain the first mover advantage.

Languages GoLang , Rustlang, Scala
Internet of Things
Cloud Services (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace)
Cloud automation / Configuration Management (Chef, Puppet etc)
Web Services & Scalability REST architectures, frameworksfor developing web services quickly and cheaply Django, Pyramid etc.
Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android)
Predictive Analytics
Security and Encryption RSA, Elliptic Curves, ECDH Key exchanges with public / private keys of RSA / EC, Block ciphers, The hashing algorithms etc.
Lean Startup Methodology
Browser as an application platform

Undeniably we are also aware that several things are here to stay and will unquestionably become strong. The web is everlasting and will continue to grow. The non-relational databases will be even bigger in the upcoming years, more and more scalable applications will be needed in the future.

However the principal element is to build lasting professional relationships. No technology has been built for that.

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