Electronic signing in Microsoft Word

Sep 14


John Orton

John Orton

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Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used word processor, mainly used to create or edit any of your documents. As Microsoft Word is too much geared towards writing, creating and editing texts so there must be an authentic and error less way of doing so, so that chances of fraud remains null.


For that purpose Microsoft Word provides facility of adding electronic signing in your document,Electronic signing in Microsoft Word  Articles so that document represents its writer. Once you create your digital signature and finalize it then It can be added anywhere in your Word document, where you want and looks like it has been drawn from hand.

Digital certificate for electronic signing:

For signing Word document first you must have digital certificate and you can get that easily from any certificate authority such as GlobalSign etc. There are two types of Electronic signing; visible electronic signing and Non-visible electronic signing. After getting digital certificate word document can be easily signed by following mentioned steps:

How to add Visible Electronic signing:

When a visible digital signature is applied to your document it will create a signature line in the document and your signature will be clearly shown on this signature line. This will allow the signer to confirm that the document is originated from him/her and signature confirms that document is unaltered.

Steps to add visible signature:

  • On the menu bar click “Insert” and then click “Signature line” button.

  • A window of “Signature Setup” will appear. This window will ask signer to enter name, Email address and title.

  • After clicking ‘OK’ you will see that an “X” with a signature line will appear probably at the end of your word document.

  • Now right click on signature box and click on the option “Sign” for creating sign for signature line.

  • A new window will appear in front of you which will ask signer to type his/her name as digital signature. Instead of writing your sign you can also attach image of your scanned signature, if any.

  • Now click on “Sign”

How to add Non-visible Electronic signing:

When you add non-visible signature in word document, it cannot be seen in the contents of the document, neither on any signature line. But recipient will determine that document is digitally signed as a mark/symbol will appear at the status bar bottom of your word document.

Steps to add Non-visible Signature:

  • Open your document, click on the Office button on the top. Now click on “Prepare” and then click on “Add Digital Signature”

  • A dialog box will appear which will ask for digital signature information and will ask you to save your document in the Microsoft Word extension.

  • Now a dialog box will appear which will ask for the purpose for which you are signing the document. State the purpose under the ‘Purpose for signing the document’

  • Now signature confirmation dialog box will appear. In addition a red certificate icon will also appear at the bottom which will show that your document is signed by non-visible electronic signing.

  • By double clicking on the red certificate icon you can view signature detail.


Use of electronic signing, both visible and non-visible will allow you to secure your working on your word document. Using electronic signing will increase authenticity and integrity.