Electronic Visitor Management System Enhancements & Advantages

Mar 31


Mahendra Pingale

Mahendra Pingale

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An electronic guest administration framework offers the accompanying advantages over the customary manual guest sign-in procedure


Advantages of an Electronic Visitor Management System


  • Visitor data can be recorded all the more precisely and all the more reliably.
  • A customized guest identification can be immediately printed that contains the guest's photograph.
  • Visitor data is put away in a PC database,Electronic Visitor Management System Enhancements  & Advantages Articles permitting reports of guest movement to be immediately made. These reports can be utilized to tell how often every guest has marked in and marked out and when, and tell which guests were in the office amid any given time period. This data can be valuable when examining security or wellbeing occurrences, and for reviewing billings by merchants or temporary workers.
  • Reports can be made that demonstrate all guests who are shortly in the office. This can be helpful amid crises and clearings.
  • Visitor data can be held in the framework, permitting returning guests to be immediately marked in later on.
  • Visitors can be pre-enrolled in the framework, accelerating the sign-in procedure when the guest arrives.
  • If guest photographs are caught, photographs can be helpful in researching security occurrences that might have happened when a guest was on the premises.

Electronic Visitor Management System Enhancements

 Highly efficient electronic visitor management kiosk and all relating solutions are developed by Lobbytech.

Notwithstanding the fundamental abilities depicted above, numerous electronic guest administration frameworks offer the accompanying discretionary framework upgrades:

  • Employee guest pre-enrollment: This component permits workers to pre-register their own particular guests utilizing a PC based structure. This is ordinarily done over the organization intranet, and permits representatives to enter guest name and expected date and time of landing in the guest administration framework. This permits assistant to realize that the guest is normal and velocities up the sign-in procedure when the guest arrives.


  • Batch guest enlistment: This element permits huge gatherings of guests to be pre-enrolled into the framework. This element is valuable when a vast meeting or gathering is being facilitated at the office.
  • E-mail combination: This component can be utilized to tell workers through email when a guest has arrived, and to send affirmation notification to guests who have been pre-enrolled. These affirmation sees ordinarily contain a standardized identification which can be conveyed to the office and examined upon the guest's landing.
  • Outlook date-book coordination: This component consequently puts an arrangement on a worker's Outlook logbook when a guest has been pre-enrolled to meet with them.
  • Watch list combination: This component permits guest names to be consequently checked against a pre-customized "watch list" before the guest is permitted passage to the premises. The watch rundown can contain the names of known terrorists, persons banned from the premises, (for example, beforehand fired representatives), and persons who are liable to a controlling request that keeps them from reaching an organization worker.
  • Background check highlight: This element naturally presents the guest's name to a record verification office which performs an ongoing security personal investigation on the guest. This component gives a ready when a man who is a known criminal or sexual stalker endeavors to sign-in as a guest.


  • Self-administration booth: This component permits guests to enlist themselves when they touch base at the office. Ordinarily, the guest would enter all essential data into the booth themselves, and afterward just should be checked by the assistant or security officer before being permitted section to the office. Highly efficient electronic visitor management solutions are developed by Lobbytech.
  • Access control framework combination: This component permits access cards to be naturally customized for guests. This component is utilized when guests should be given access cards to permits them to experience card peruser controlled entryways at the office.
  • Mobile guest enlistment: this element permits guests to be enrolled utilizing a compact hand-conveyed gadget and identification printer. This component is commonly utilized for enrolling guests at development destinations, stacking docks, and at different spots where the utilization of an ordinary guest enlistment framework would be illogical.

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