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This blog discusses the probable reasons behind the ‘Microsoft Excel Not Working’ issue and solutions to resolve the issue manually call at +1-888-625-2848 for more help.

Is your Microsoft Excel file all of a sudden stopped working and starts throwing Excel Not Responding Error message? Sometime you may encounter the similar issue with a different error message i.e Excel has stops working while trying to operate over an Excel file?

Excel keeps not responding issue is actually very irritating and annoying but the situation gets more serious when you have some unsaved data. If you are unable to access your important insights saved in the MS Excel 2016 or any other version due to the Excel is not responding issue then also you don’t have to get worried. As,Guest Posting today in this post, we are going to discuss about this very commonly rendered issue.

This particular blog includes solution on how to fix Excel not responding issue and best ways to recover unsaved Excel data.

About Excel Not Responding Issue:
Meanwhile the occurrence of Microsoft Excel Not Responding you will see an hourglass or a looping circle showing that a heavy thing yet to be completed but actually it got stuck. After passage of few minutes, on your Excel window you will get to see a message Excel not responding.

Some of the common not responding message pops ups are:

“Excel is not responding”
“Excel has stops working”
Excel Not Responding
Problems of Microsoft Excel not responding issue mainly occurs due to the following reasons:

When you haven’t installed Excel application latest updates.
Your Excel application may be currently being used by any another process.
Previously installed or Pre-installed add-in may be hindering your Excel application to work properly.
May be your MS Office programs needs to get repaired.
Outdated antivirus software or sometime confliction of antivirus software with Excel.
Some other program of your PC may be conflicting with your Excel application.
Now, coming to the main point how to fix Excel is not responding and “Excel has stops working” error without calling any professional. Try the following solutions one by one to fix Excel keeps not responding issue permanently.

How To Fix Excel Not Responding Error
In this section we will discuss about easy troubleshooting steps to resolve Excel 2016 not responding error. take a quick glance over the fixes of Excel is not responding error:

1: Try to open Excel in Safe Mode
2: Install the Latest Update
3: Recompile Macros
4: Disable Add-Ins
5: Try to Change the Default Printer
6: Fix Microsoft Office
7: Reinstall Microsoft Excel

So, let’s catch complete detail about each method…!

Method 1: Try to open Excel in Safe Mode
In order to fix Microsoft Excel is not responding on your Windows 10 computer or laptop, follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows + R button simultaneously to open the run dialogue box.
Step 2: In the Run window, type excel.exe /safe and press the Enter key. This will open up the Microsoft Excel program into the Safe Mode.
Step 3: After it, try to open the Non-responsive Excel File again. If the file opens normally then save the data to another excel file for future use.

Method 2: Install the Latest Update
Sometime these issues may start appearing when you skip o install the latest Windows and Office Updates. So, make sure that you have installed the latest updates on your computer.

If not, then follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel and then click on the System and Security.

Step 2: Now, set it to the Automatic Mode by Start Maintenance option.

Method 3: Recompile Macros
Using problematic Macros may also trigger not responding issue. Follow the below-given steps to fix it:

Open the MS Excel and then navigate to the Developer –> Visual Basic.

Go to the Tools -> Options. After opening the Options window click on the General tab and clear the ‘Compile on Demand’.

Using the Project navigation pane you have to right-click on the Module and choose ‘Insert’ in order to insert a new module.

At last, save the excel file and close the MS office application.

After applying the above steps, when you try to use the macros next time then you shouldn’t face the Microsoft Excel not working error.

Method 4: Disable Add-Ins
Disabling Add-Ins will also help you to fix Microsoft Excel not working , freezing or getting stuck issues.

First, you have to open the Excel file into safe mode. To do this, follow the Method 1.

After opening the Microsoft Excel file into the safe mode, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Click on the File option present at the top left corner and click on the Excel Options button
Step 2: Then click on the Add-ins option present at the side menu. After it, choose Excel Add-ins and click on the Go button to open the Add-Ins selection window.
Step 3: Now, you have to disable all the Add-Ins present on your system. To do this, unmark the box present along with the active Add-Ins

Step 4: At last, save the changes by clicking on the OK

Reboot Microsoft Excel and check for the issue.

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