New ways to deal with your cheap digital camera pictures

Jan 5




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When it comes to a cheap digital camera, who says you cannot take full advantage of it? You can transfer your pictures and organize them as you wish. One tool that iPhoto has inherited from the Apple operating system is the use of smart folders.


If you want to address any existing deficiency of your cheap digital camera,New ways to deal with your cheap digital camera pictures Articles you can develop specific smart folders. This is not hard.  For this we need access to the File / New / New Smart Album. So the program will display a new album with all videos regardless of format or size.

According to many sources, one of the most successful products from last year is undoubtedly the iPad. But what many people do not know is that one of the most interesting accessories for the iPhone is the Camera Connection Kit accessory uses SD has few, or rather, a single use: import photos and videos from an SD card. However, the USB connector has a little surprise.

In addition to connecting your cheap digital camera if you use a different card for SD, we can use the fittings to connect other devices to the iPad. Here we show some of the possibilities: - Connect a wired keyboard. If you want to use the iPhone sometime to write a long document, you can connect any USB keyboard (plus a Bluetooth keyboard) to the computer through this connector. If Apple is that you can also use the shortcuts in the system to adjust the volume, brightness ... etc. - Use a USB microphone.

If you use the iPhone for voice conversations through IP but do not have Apple's headphones, keep in mind you can use any USB microphone connected using this device:

      Use the USB and digital audio output. Finally, you can use the connector as digital audio output. Like the dock has a line output, this output can be used via the USB connector to connect the digital iPad a sound source.

      Connect a USB drive. Thanks to this connector, you can also connect an external drive or USB powered and internal access files using software specifically designed for that cheap digital camera.

Time and date

Did you just travel back and you realize that all these days have taken photos with the date of misplaced cheap digital camera? Do not worry, everyone has ever happened. Even if you think you just made a mess it is true that nothing happens and with the help of iPhoto can fix in a moment. The first thing we do is to fully import all the photos to our iPhoto library. Obviously try to avoid importing them onto places that are totally incorrect.