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Cell phone cover or protector can protect against damage, but they won't always remove dust from entering your phone. Meanwhile, you can't prevent from dust entering your phone every single minute but you can take measures to keep it clean with these techniques and affordable products in a periodical manner.

Phone screens are used frequently by which they usually collect dust on the front and back surfaces. We spend hours on our phones on regular basis and mostly overlook to clean our cell phones. Bacteria and germs can amass on your phone screen when you use your phone. A dirty mobile touch screen can hinder finger taps from being recognized in some areas of the screen. Dust and other particles can also accumulate in small spaces of your phone,Guest Posting like the headphone jack, charging port, and speakers preventing them from working properly.

It's also important to remove dust from your smartphone to prevent the spread of germs. Germs can gather on smartphones due to the wide variety of areas because it's so frequently touched. You should clean and protect your phone screen regularly to avoid germs from spreading. Unfortunately, many people avoid cleaning their phone screens. Lint and other dirt collect in the charging port. After some time charging issues arise, the dust hinders the good electrical connection.

Remove Dust from the front and backside of the phone

Microfiber Cloth

Wash your hands and Make sure to power off your device. A small microfiber cloth is used to remove the dirt from both sides of your mobile. First of all wet a corner of the microfiber cloth wipe down the phone carefully and then use a dry corner of the microfiber cloth to remove all liquid from the phone. Use the microfiber cloth to clean the entire phone. Make sure to clean both the front and backside of the mobile.

Scotch tape

As we all know the everybody has a busy schedule so we want some quick solution for that scotch tape is faster than microfiber cloth to clean your screen. You have to hold the tape to the surface of the screen and peel it off to clear unwanted dirt.

Simple steps to keep clean your phone screen protector

Be cautious while removing dirt from the surface of the phone. Whether your phone screen protector is made of plastic or tempered glass, it is necessary to clean. These cleaning steps should be done weekly to keep a phone dust-free. All you need scotch tape, and a microfiber cloth, compressed air. Before you start you should wash your hand properly.

Followings are the steps:

  1. Gently wash the sticky part of your screen protector. If small areas like the space around the camera lens, charging ports, or headphone jacks are dirty then gently use a dry cotton swab to clean those areas. This will help clean all fingerprint stains and smudge from the screen protector, camera lens, charging ports, and headphone jacks
  2. Let dry your screen protector. You can use a Microfiber cloth and hairdryer for this process.
  3. As you are drying your screen protector, at that time may be new particles fall on the screen. The tape is used to clean the dust.
  4. Make sure your screen protector is clean and dust-free. After completing all the processes you can use a microfiber cloth to make it clearer.
  5. Allow the phone to air dry completely before starting.

Cleaning dust from the Charging port and Headphone jack of the Phone

Compressed air

These days we depend on mobile phones for almost every task like calling, shopping, banking, gaming, video chatting, photography, messaging, and many more. Due to our busy schedule, we overlook the dirt on the surface, charging port, and headphone jack. Compressed air very easily removes all dust on the gadget.  Compressed air is used to spray into ports to remove dust. Using the compressed air use point the nozzle into the charging port and jacks after it sprays inside. This will loosen the dust enough to make it fall out. Many mobile repairers use Compressed air to clean the dust that accumulates in the charging port, speakers, and other ports. If we cannot clean this dirt then it causes many problems like preventing charging properly and other functions of the phone. Clearing dirt from your phone's charging port is too easy and after cleaning the port you will free from the issues of charging problems.

Liquid Solution screen protector and cleaner

  Generally, we have seen some liquid solutions to clean and protect screens like Luvvitt liquid glass. Anyone can apply to your screen very easily. The Advantage of this liquid cleaner is that it can remove both liquids and fingerprints. Touching your phone all day means that it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So it is important to clean our gadget in a periodical manner.

An antimicrobial screen protector

We use our phone for many hours regularly by which dust particles collect on the screen of the phone. An antimicrobial screen protector is a protective option that guards against germs. The glass is prepared with silver ions, this substance helps for antimicrobial protection. Invisible Shield has a variety of protectors for different mobile phones. The Tempered Glass screen protectors can protect our mobile phone from damage but antimicrobial screen protectors offer protection against germs. High-quality tempered antimicrobial protector is multi-layered and consisting shock resistant silicon. It gives a much clearer display, anti-reflective, and glare-reducing to the mobile user.

Taking Care of Your mobile phone is a Good Habit

As we all know that we will never be able to keep our phones clean completely. But if we exercising cleaning habits then we can easily smudge-free our gadget. Regular phone cleaning is an effective way of preventing a speck of dirt. Make sure you always have a cleaning cloth handy to prevent dirt. A clean and dust-free screen will help your Smartphone remains a valuable tool that completes your everyday tasks.

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