Quick look at the Bluedio R Plus Legend wireless Bluetooth headphones

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The Bluedio R+ legend has received many rave reviews from the customers on a consistent basis. Let’s have a closer look and see why you should buy this Bluedio wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Although Bluedio is a relatively new and dynamic audio brand,Guest Posting it has become rather popular with many online shoppers and gadget enthusiasts. Their products feature some impressive high-tech capabilities, stylish design, robust build quality and they are priced extremely competitively. The brand has a wide range of wireless audio solutions such as headphones, earphones, headsets and speakers. 

From Bluedio’s every expanding lineup, the R+ Legend has been incredibly popular with wireless headphones lovers on many audio forums. The R+ has received rave reviews from the customers on a consistent basis. Let’s have a closer look and see why you should buy the Bluedio R Plus Legend wireless Bluetooth headphones.


Closer look at Bluedio R Plus Legend

With stunning looks, premium build quality and the revolutionary PPS8 technology, the Bluedio R Plus Legend is geared for a superb sonic experience. The high-frequency response lets you hear even subtle nuances of your music, which is backed up with a punchy and smooth bass response from 8 neodymium drivers.

 The Bluedio R+ Legend has a fairly striking design and appearance. It looks sleek, appealing, and is available in a variety of colours. The R+ Legend looks premium with its shiny metallic finish and chrome highlights. The build quality is strong yet the unit is quite lightweight. This allows comfort, especially during long listening sessions. This R+ Legend sports a collapsible design, making it very easy for you to pack and carry it around. Furthermore, it is also supplied with a soft cloth bag for storage during transit.

The R+ Legend wireless is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 making it easy to pair with your laptop, tablet or smartphones, and any Bluetooth enabled audio device. It incorporates a low-power consuming CSR Bluetooth 4.0 integrated chip for long battery life and Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology for superior sonic performance and wide frequency range.

 It also supports NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing for quick connectivity with NFC-enabled smartphones. Interestingly, the R+ Legend sports a built-in microSD slot expandable up to 32GB along with playback support for a huge list of audio formats. With a charging time of roughly 3 to 4 hours, Bluedio R+ Legend has a battery life up to 28 hours. This allows you listen to music for a long time, making it a perfect travel companion.

 It ships with a minimalistic and compact microUSB charging cable that fits easily in your pocket. The Bluedio R Plus Legend has a functional 3.5mm line-in jack that allows you to listen to music even when the battery has drained out.

 This wireless headphone from Bluedio exceeds everyone’s expectations in terms of clarity and bass response. It incorporates 8 patented neodymium drivers that include 2 woofers & 6 high-definition 3D speaker drivers for a powerful bass without any compromise in the mid & high frequencies. This technology also improves the soundscape remarkably and provides a virtual 3D audio experience to the listener.


Why should you buy the Bluedio R+ Legend?

 Below are key highlights of the headphones


  • Great quality audio & long battery life

  • Stylish and compact design

  • Affordable price

  • Comfortable for long listening sessions

  • Supports micro SD card up to 32GB and built-in microphone

 In a nutshell, the R+ Legend provides outstanding sound quality and packs in a plethora of technologies found mostly in premium branded headphones. At this price point, very few headphones match up to the performance and feature set the Bluedio R+ Legend offers.

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