Rising Demand for Rapid Application Development and the Top Five Players in the Market Today

Feb 7


Parag k

Parag k

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Rapid application development platform or RADP is a concept that emphasizes on swift development of web and mobile applications. In an ever-competitive market, rapid mobile app development is replacing traditional methods and off-the-shelf products with passion.


A PWC article on rapid enterprise application development states,Rising Demand for Rapid Application Development and the Top Five Players in the Market Today Articles “…software developers and IT professionals reported only 9% of organizations still using the pure waterfall method.”

RADP allows business and IT to collaborate effectively, acting as a catalyst in innovation and streamlining workflows. Likewise, in comparison to traditional and off-the-shelf options, RADP apps are better structured, offer better functionality and integrations, shorten time-to-market and are affordable to SMEs.This article helps businesses narrow down app development platform choices as we move closer to 2020.

Our Top 5 Rapid Mobile App Development Platforms for Businesses

The following results take into consideration key RADP factors such as pre-configured application templates, cross-platform compatibility, the range of automation offered, systems integration and data migration, ease of use for laymen, and visual development support.


A pioneer in the low-code app development platform space, Outsystems has been at it since 2001. This Boston-based company arms its developers with high-end tools and functionality to develop, iterate and manage enterprise technology quickly. Additionally, Outsystems provides end-to-end security for all solutions developed. This means all data is secure behind industry-grade firewalls.

One key advantage we would like to point out is the RADP integration tools that the app development platform features. If an enterprise has been utilizing multiple software to manage their business, Outsystems RADP makes sure these are integrated into the app so the enterprise experiences zero sunk costs in terms of software investments.


A late but curious entry in our list, HokuApps is a name we have come across in our search for the best rapid mobile application development platforms. A company based out of Singapore, this low code RADP is a new player in the market. HokuApps concentrates on affordability and quality like no other.

The platform is fully automated, featuring modules for every industry and workflow. Visual development makes certain that any app can be customized to a business’s exact needs. Furthermore, the app development platform features more than 500 tools for one-click integration.

On the UI front, the platform also features a design studio with hundreds of pre-configured UI templates. Alternatively, customers can also select their designs as they see fit. Unlike many app development platforms, HokuApps churns out cross-platform apps without the need for native-coding.

We believe HokuApps will provide fierce competition to the rest of the competitors in the upcoming years.We urge you to check this RADP out and let us know your thoughts.


This Indian RADP has been rolling out custom applications and off-the-shelf apps for the better part of two decades. Zoho Creator is one the best there is due to the substantial list of tools and features that they provide.The rapid mobile application development platform employs a drag and drop interface to create apps. The platform is open to all, which means even a layman can design and develop apps.

However, for complex development undertakings, customers will have to engage ‘Deluge’ developers, an exclusive programming language that Zoho has created for app development.On a side note: Their range of off-the-shelf apps is impressive.


The Appian RADP gives justice to the word ‘rapid’ in every sense of the way. Appian is a market leader in the rapid mobile application development space, creating apps for enterprise since 1999. This Virginia-based app development platform follows the drag and drop method, making it incredibly convenient for users from all backgrounds.Moreover, the app development platform boasts of fast integration with any tool or tools. A key advantage that stands out is the no-code integration of AI/ML applications through major web data storage platforms like Google and Amazon AWS.


We all know Salesforce for its CRM software. Yet, what is little known is their venture into RADP. Tagged ‘the Future of Sales and CRM’, Salesforce allows the development of enterprise apps using any programming language developers choose to use on its platform. However, the platform cannot be operated by laymen for its complexity level is high.The rapid mobile application development is designed to enable developers to build and iterate even the most complex of applications.

The platform also features native and custom components to incorporate into applications.Nevertheless, if a business wants to invest in its CRM products and not full-stack enterprise apps, Salesforce remains a preferred option.

Notable mentions:


  • Mendix

  • PhoneGap

  • Accelerator

  • Quick Base

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