What Are Backlinks And How Do I Get Them?

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Backlinks are one of the top ways to get traffic to your websites. It’s simply where other sites are pointing back to your site by having your domain address listed somewhere on their site.

There are different places where these backlinks can reside but the one that is most thought of when the term backlink is mentioned is in directories. A directory is a website that has thousands of categories where you can find anything about anything. One of the most known is DMOZ but there are thousands of directories on the internet.

Wow this is great you say,Guest Posting all I have to do is list my site in all these directories and I’m on the first page of Google. Not so fast partner. This will take some work and time.

Luckily there are some tools out there that will make this task easier but it will still take time.

Besides directories you can get backlinks by posting comments on blogs and putting your website name in the comment. So you don’t look like a spammer make sure to post only relevant information on blogs that are related to your topic. If you can consistently leave good information for the readers you will be assured to generate more traffic to your site.

The last way I will talk about is posting to forums. Most forums allow you to leave a signature with each post or reply you make in a forum. Your signature should not only be your name but also a short description of your product and/or service along with a link to your site. The more you post the more people will see your link and click on it.

What I recommend is create a spreadsheet with three tabs, for Directories, blogs and forums. Then go to Google or Bing and search for these types of sites related to your topic and add them to the spreadsheet. This is more organized then just trying to remember them all.

Spend about 1 hour a day adding your site and comments to each of these sites and watch your traffic grow.

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