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Want to track train? check TravelKhana SpotUrTrain utility, which enables to get live train status on Google map.

Railways are an integral part of Indian conveyance. It haven't just connected all of India but have also made travelling easy. Keeping all these trains constantly on move and that on time is a complicated task. Trains get delayed for many reasons,Guest Posting and it isn't any fun waiting endless hours on station especially when you have urgency and you could easily have caught another one. We so wished for a way we could track the trains and our wishes were granted. Indian Railways launched various apps for spotting the train, track live running status, trains between stations and so on.

Spot Your Train With RailRadar:

In 2012, Railways launched an online application where trains can be tracked on real time basis on google map. You can see the exact location of your train on google. Out of almost 10,000 trains that run every day, the app is able to cover some 6500 of them. To know the exact location of the train click on the particular train. You will be able to see the complete route with stoppages. The trains running late for more than 15 minutes will be shown in red, the ones that are running late less than 15 minutes are shown in yellow and the blue ones shows trains that are on time. The take away of the app is the ease of its use. Enter the search criteria in the search box and bingo, you have the result. You will be able to know the last station the train has departed from and the next station the train will be arriving at. It can also tell you how many kilometres the train is away from the next station. RailRadar could be accessed through, the website of railways, though now it is discontinued and the domain address redirects us to the National Train Enquiry System website.

Spot Your Train With SMS:

You can also spot your train with message. Send a SMS to 139 with the text 'SPOT (train number). You will get to know the location of your train.

Mobile App:

A new app called spoturtrain has been devised by Centre for railway information system. Spotting your train is just one of the many amazing features of this app. It also tells the expected arrival and departure time of the train. You can also find many more features like train schedule, train between stations, information of rescheduled trains, live station, cancelled trains and so on. This app works on both windows and android platforms.


This does not work as efficiently as the app provided by National Train Enquiry System, but it does the work. You can use it if you know your train number since this website doesn't take train name for its search criteria. It will tell you the status of the train on each of its stoppages.


This has been awarded number one app for tracking the trains. Apart from locating your train, there are other features that are quite useful. It has a GPS based live train enquiry with a map view, PNR status checker with predictions, complete time table, coach positions and seats layout, fair calculator and trip manager.


Apps have made travelling easy so find your suitable app and travel safe.

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