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The term Casa Particular is one first-time visitors of Cuba will probably be unfamiliar with. The following article is designed to answer all questions you may have on the subject. Spending your Cuba visit in a casa particular is without doubt the greatest way to experience this country. Have a quick read through this guide prior to booking your hotel as it's designed to save you money and ensure you have the greatest trip possible.

So what is Casa Particular?

The short answer is that it's a room owned by a local that has been licensed as a tourist rental. This means local families with a spare room have the option of renting it out if they desire. To do so they need to apply for a license from the Cuban government. From a tourists perspective this is a fantastic opportunity to help out a Cuban family and save money in the meantime.

Bed and breakfasts versus Casa Particular

Many people make a comparison between bed and breakfasts and Casa particulars as it's the closest accommodation to what we used to in the West. Despite being a good comparison you'll see a few major differences.

- A case of particular may only have a maximum of two rentable rooms. This is actually good news as it means you won't be spending your holiday in an overcrowded building. - Each Casa particular is privately owned. You will actually be dealing with the family that owns the rooms and licenses to rent rooms. - The price of each Casa Particular it for the lodging only. If you wish to eat breakfast you'll be charged extra.

So where does the name Casa Particular originate?

In Spanish the words Casa Particular stand for private house. The term was first used in Cuba shortly after Fidel Castro ruled that Cubans were allowed to rent rooms to tourists in 1997. As opposed to private house the term now means private accommodation.

What is the correct plural of Casa Particular?

Actually the right form is "Casas Particulares". I'm not a native Spanish speaker but this is something I learned. You usually notice mispronunciations and misspellings of the words,Guest Posting even in tourist guides. The most common mistake is "Casa Particulars". I've also noticed "Casas Particular" which again is an incorrect spelling.

Who actually operates the Casas Particulares?

Every Cuban with his own home and a spare room of clean condition is eligible to apply for and receive a license from the Cuban governments which entitles him to rent his room to tourists. This system ensures only rooms of suitable standing and requirement be used as Casa Particulares. It also ensures that it's a privately run business. Many families operate these establishments as their primary source of income and occupation. Others use it for secondary income purposes usually the staffing of each establishment is made entirely of family members who reside in the same building.

Regardless, every family who operates their own Casa Particular aim to provide their guests with the most enjoyable experience possible.

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