Best NSW Destinations Where My Heart Lies

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Discover popular NSW destinations where you are promised a great time enjoying every nook and crannies along with some amazing activities.

Being someone who loves to see as much as possible on my way,Guest Posting I found out the fact that it is NSW in Australia filled in my heart and mind with some amazing experiences. I was overwhelmed with love and an unmatched satisfaction, a feeling that I couldn’t even name till now! So if you have plans to hit Australia on your next holiday, I would strongly recommend you to reach out to New South Wales, an amazing destination with million-dollar views, vibes, and hues of colour.

If you have a chance to visit Sydney, the capital of NSW, great! The city is packed with a range of amazing things to do and attractions to see. As a coastal metropolis filled with bountiful natural and urban attractions, it is one of the most populous and frequently visited cities in Australia. Since it is hard to cram all into one, I will tell you about one extraordinary location. If you are in search of a way to see the popular Harbour Bridge and Opera House, then you can head straight to Sydney Harbour where you can enjoy unbelievable views of these world-famous delights. From a premium glass boat to an authentic paddlewheeler and a budget-friendly catamaran, there are amazing cruises offering a stunning dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour. It can give you a different yet unique perspective of these attractions. Apart from the amazing sightseeing experience, I don’t know how many of you have noted, all these vessels come with an amazing inclusion-  a delicious dinner. So, that means, you don’t need to get worried about the best harbourside restaurants when you are hungry, you can simply enjoy your cruise, best views while indulging in a freshly prepared dinner. If you want to combine your food with drinks, you can purchase some from the fully licensed bar onboard or while booking your tickets online. Get aboard a harbour cruise offering dinner and make it truly memorable. 

Byron Bay, a popular tourist destination in Newcastle, south-eastern Australia is a point where serenity fuses with absolute vigour. Okay, I missed an important point. It may be out of the way…but useful! If you own or can hire a car in NSW, great!... because, it allows ultimate freedom. You can stop anywhere you’d like. And it would also help you to add the major yet forgotten or underappreciated NSW highlights you’ll stumble upon on your way. So, like Sydney, Byron Bay also offers a plethora of activities you can indulge in. It was pretty easy for me to connect with Byron Bay. I don’t know, maybe because of its laid-back beachy lifestyle and attitude! I encountered people from artists and musicians to hippies who camp here to root. The destination is perfect for your adventure getaways. So in case, you know someone who is more into adventurous activities, maybe you can pitch him/her in. When I was in Byron Bay, I felt time as an abstract concept! No, I’m not boasting… it’s only because Byron Bay has everything in hand to satisfy all your needs. Let yourself be free and available for a wide range of activities like surfing. Byron Bay has got some amazing vibrant beaches perfect for both beginners as well as pros. Maybe you can try hitting Wategos Baech, Cosy Corner Beach, and Tallows beach, to name a few. With its beautiful long beaches, best backpacker hotels, and a highly relaxed vibe Byron Bay is an amazing destination that can lure you in.              

I’m sad! Since there are many, many incredible destinations I have yet to cover on this blog. Since it is hard to pile up everything into one, Okay… a bit relaxed! 


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