Choosing the Ideal Yoga Mat Bag for Traveling

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So, choose any of these styles when looking for a yoga mat bag.

A yoga mat bag serves as an extra helping hand when heading to the studio or an outdoor retreat. Wherever you plan on practicing yoga you can rest assured that you are well-prepared for class. Many yoga bags have compartments to keep phones or keys when you’re driving to your yoga class. Others may find it valuable to have extra room to store their class essentials like yoga blocks or towels. It may come in handy to simply be able to carry the mat to-and-from the studio from the car. Whatever eliminates hassle is what the yoga mat bag aims to accomplish. In this post,Guest Posting you will get to know the best bags for easy travel. In each style, we offer three yoga mat bags that offer the best of both worlds -function, and reliability.

Strap Style Yoga Bags

Clever Yoga Mat Strap

This yoga mat strap is available in two different lengths; 66″ and extra-long at 85″. They also advertise this strap as multi-purpose as you can utilize the strap in your practice. There are different colors to compliment your yoga mat and it comes with adjustable loops that can fit any mat. This yoga mat strap has quality stitching that is designed to last with a simple design.

Loop It Up Mat Strap

This loop strap has that extra edge to the standard yoga mat strap. As the name suggests the strap delicately wraps around the yoga mat for easily handling anywhere on the mat. It has a buckle-free closure on both ends and can fit any mat.

Sling Yoga Bags

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

The Yogiii yoga mat bag has a minimalistic appeal. It’s an over-the-shoulder bag that fits your mat and other workout essentials easily. The material is made from a soft cotton canvas and is double-stitched making the quality durable. There is a large pouch for storing items, and within this pouch, is a smaller area for smaller items. This is a perfect area to store your keys or if you need a discreet place for your toiletries.

Take-Away Yoga Sling

The Take-Away yoga sling offers a durable design that is simple and secure. It wraps around the yoga mat with hidden elastic straps that will secure your yoga mat in place. It also has a sleek front pocket to store items on the go like phones or keys in an easily accessible spot.


Gaiam Yoga Duffle Bag

This duffle style yoga mat bag keeps all of your essentials in one place. It offers several pockets with both elastic and zipped inside and outside of the bag to hold all your essentials. This bag fits most sizes of yoga mats and is made of polyester.

Kinfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

This yoga mat duffle bag is so roomy it can fit your mat and your class’s accessories. Yoga blocks, straps, towels, water bottles, everything! This duffle bag comes in a variety of colors and for every bag purchased a dollar will go to a non-profit organization that works towards eradicating slavery. So, you can have a fully functional bag that has personality and some heart too.

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