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Australia is highly seductive with its pristine nature and amazing locations to have fun with. Enjoy the best of your Western Australian trip whilst visiting New Narcia.


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You guys know how fascinated I am about Australia,Guest Posting particularly Sydney when it comes to the matter of its water, sun, and food. So, today I want to share one of the best experiences I had whilst visiting Western Australia. 


But before that, I need to tell you something about Sydney  in New South Wales and the uniqueness of Sydney Harbour. sydney Harbour is often considered as one of the best places to visit in New South Wales. You know why? Because, Sydney Harbour gives an amazing experience of both Sydney waters and Sydney landscape. On board a luxury Sydney Harbour cruise for your dinner. Enjoy your food and cruising experience. Try some Australian sparklings and make it more special and memorable. Dinner cruises in Sydney Harbour offer spectacular views of Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park , and so on. Get your tickets ready and try something new that can refresh your mind and delight you with colour and magic. 


Are you wondering about why I am telling all these? Because I need you to experience the best of everything and I want to help you achieve the same. So, today, it's about Western Australia. Do you want to unleash that extra ordinary person who is resting inside the mundane life tasks?! If it's a yes, I can help you to be extraordinary. Have you ever been to New Norcia? Have you heard about Monk-made bread?


Okay, you're getting me right. New Norcia is an extraordinary town with some extraordinary people. The town was established in 1847 by some Spanish Monks, who were desperate enough to create a self-sufficient, nature-dependent community, with Christian faith and culture. You don’t need to be religious to visit the town of New Norcia. New Norcia is quite popular as the only Australian monastic town. Just go, relax , and get refreshed in the serene environment. Put aside whatever beliefs you are fond of, whichever things you are holding into, just visit this amazing spot. You will be amazed with their vision and mission. They lived with nature happily. They maintained a sustainable interaction to take care of both wildlife and human life. They helped Australian Aboriginals to be their own, independent, and unique. They helped in the growth of both Aborghinals and New Norcia. 


New Norcia is not just about Monks and all. The town of New Norcia has a Space Station. If you are so much into the areas of astronomy, star gazing, sun, moon, and planetary system, try visiting this place. I think now you have a major reason to visit this place. There are many places to visit in New Norcia. You can go with the help of a local guide who is well informed about the place and has great knowledge about its history and culture. Try visiting historic buildings, grand old chapels, old factories, and Aboriginal cultural artefacts. Try learning some of the local tunes. 


Never miss the details of monks, especially those who tried so hard to build New Narcia. Visit some of the chapels and see how peaceful the surroundings are. Even if you are a christian or not, you can definitely enjoy the peace, serene environment, the uniqueness in its architecture, and definitely, the tasty, famous New Norcia bread. 


I think I helped you find an amazing place worth visiting and I hope you enjoyed the reading. Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing, exciting, and super cool weekend in Western Australia. 




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