Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

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If one wants to see India in its real colorful form, the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan held almost in all months of the year is the best medium to view Vibrant India in its Incredible Form.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan is the most vivacious and colourful state's culture of Incredible India. Fairs and festivals view as an unusual enticement for the people of Rajasthan in general and tourist and travelers from all parts of India and around the world in particular. True colour of Rajasthan is reflected at the time best visible in colourful festivity of several fairs and festivals. Whole ambiance of Rajasthan turns vibrant and colourful in Rajasthan during the festive season almost celebrated in all months of the year. In fact,Guest Posting fairs and festivals are the major source of attraction among the travelers for those who want to see the colourful state of Incredible India in its festivities. These fairs and festivals of Rajasthan render fantabulous opportunity for travelers to gain into the life and culture of Rajasthan.

Famous Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

Pushkar Fair (October - November)
Each year millions of religious tourists mob Pushkar Lake to assume a holy dip and wash away their sin. During this time of world renowned Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan which is coordinated to mark the arrival of winter season in the desert land. The fair is very famous especially among the international tourists as there are numerous events organized which international tourists may discover interesting and exciting of Incredible Rajasthan. It is also one of the biggest cattle fairs in the world where thousands of camels, cows, horses etc. exhibited for the purpose of merchandising and purchasing. Numerous cultural events are coordinated which establish the brainwave of the vivacious Rajasthani culture.

Nagaur Fair (January - February)

This fair of Rajasthan is held during the month of January - February which lasts for four days. Nagaur Fair is also a cattle fair where thousands and thousands of animals are assembled for trading. After the sundown folk dancers and musicians of Rajasthan make the environment vibrant and colourful. What is more exciting about this fair and festival of Rajasthan is that in this Fair international tourists have an opportunity to take part in many of the events of Nagaur Fair.

Desert Festival (January - February)

This Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is coordinated by Rajasthan Tourism Ministry for the aim of pulling tourist to the colourful desert of India. This festival of Rajasthan extends lot of activities to do and enjoy. There are numerous events such as tug of war, camel racing, competition based on turban tying and the contest of Mr. Desert. Folk performers of Rajasthan like musicians, instrumentalists, traditional dancers, puppeteers and snake charmers demonstrate their skills if various forms and styles – bewitching international tourists.

Gangaur Festival (March - April)

This festival of Rajasthan is devoted to the Goddess Parvati, it is time for girls to attire in their colourful dresses and beg to the goddess for groom of their choice while the married woman beg for well-being of their husband. This festival is unique for those travelers who are coming from the different cultures of the world where the bonding of relation does not exist in this lucid manner. Gangaur festival is far-famed all over Rajasthan and is must see for those tourists making their religious holidays in Rajasthan. This Spring Festival is observed with lot of eagerness and exuberance. Unparalleled thing about this festival is that tribal men and women have the exemption to interact and chose their life partner on this famous occasion of Incredible Rajasthan.

Elephant Festival (March – April)

This is the world-renowned Elephant Festival of Rajasthan which is observed annually in the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Interesting events are coordinated which creates the elephant festival vivacious and colourful. Events like elephant racing, elephant polo and tug of war between men and elephant are extremely applauded. The place of this renowned festival is the old stadium of Jaipur and is encouraged by Rajasthan Ministry of Tourism.

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