Important Tourism Projects of Louis Gerard Saliot in South Pacific Region

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Louis Gerard Saliot, Gerard Saliot

The South Pacific region is one of the most beautiful regions gifted with islands,Guest Posting tropical forests, crystal clear water resources, and white sandy beaches. The countries present in the region are Indonesia, Fiji, East Java, Singapore and others. Meaning, the countries have a huge potential of developing tourism hubs to attract visitors from different regions of the world.

Making every trip memorable and cherishable is not possible without providing a unique holiday experience. One can get such beautiful moment when there are right things and thrilling activities within reach of vacationers. Importance of developing suitable infrastructure is important for every tourism project is huge.

Planning and developing tourism projects need expertise in the real estate industry. It starts with the conceptualisation of the projects with market study and feasibility by experts. Later, the designing and architectural design of the building should be taken from industry experts. The project should have everything that visitors would like to do or have in an ideal holiday. What is needed more is the expertise in visualising the needs and how the project can offer a solution through infrastructure.

Holiday isn’t just a leisure time, but a break from monotonous life is indulging in exciting and relaxing activities. Thus, an ideal resort possesses all modern amenities with places for relaxation, food, sports activities, shopping complex, and other thrilling activities for men, women, kids, and aged.

Thus, building a resort needs complex and creative thinking of the expert to turn the vision of clients into reality. Important things like location, land negotiation and financial arrangement create hurdle in the realisation of the project. To simplify building resorts, Louis Gerard Saliot founded the Euro Asia Management Group in 1991. The company offers specialised services for the project development and management to the leisure destination and hospitality industry.

Since its foundation, the company has completely many projects in the South Pacific region successfully. The projects contain all modern amenities and facilities that tourists envisage to enjoy during vacationing in the place- satisfying the clients in quality and prices. Thus, Euro Asia has become a dominant player in the tourism project development and management in the region.

An important project that Saliot and his skilled team have developed in the region successfully are the following:

1.Natadola Marine Resort in Fiji

Natadola Marine resort is a premier integrated resort developed near to the Natadola Bay in Fiji. It is a perfect tourist hub consisting of beautiful villas, apartments, sports complex, and marinas for thrilling activities in the water.

Euro Asia has offered the following services for this project:

  • Project feasibility and market study
  • Project conceptualisation
  • Architectural design and implementation
  • Financial assumption
  • Land negotiation with owners
  • Preliminary master plan
  • Project development and management
  • And business model
  1. Waisai Dive Resort, Raja Ampat in West Papua

It is a popular dive resort situated in West Papua. The company has been involved in the designing and construction of marina project. The company has successfully the project on time satisfying the client with high quality and prices.

  1. Four Seasons Bora Bora in Tahiti

Four Seasons Bora Bora is a luxury resort situated on the island of Bora Bora. In this project, Euro Asia has been awarded the procurement of furniture for 100 above-water luxury villas, resorts and public areas.

  1. Cakrawala Residence in Bali

It is another important project of Gerard Saliot completed with his team in Indonesia. The hub is an ideal holiday destination for the tourists which is a car-free zone with modern amenities. There will kid’s club, villas, resorts, sports complex, marinas, and spas to relax. This project aims to change the way vacations are spent by the visitors.

The company is involved in the following activities of the project:

  • Designing and implementation of the project
  • Master planning and architectural design
  • Market study and financial arrangement
  • And others

Apart from that, Saliot founded two more ventures to enable the rapid construction of resorts, hotels and restaurants in the region. Hotel Modular Development and Euro Asia Hotel Contract are the two-sister projects of the company. These are involved in the designing and construction of hotel rooms with world-class facilities and furniture. It enables development of essential infrastructure for the hospitality industry. Owing to his contributions and expertise in building resorts, Saliot will be remembered for generations.

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