Journal Of Partner Visa Subclass 820 & 801 For Australia

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People who are looking for migration with their partner to live a beautiful & peaceful life in the city of dreams Australia, then partner visa Australia can be the perfect option for that.

The Partner Visa Subclass 820 & 801 allows you and your partner to stay in Australia rightfully on the basis of being in a relationship with your partner. You and your eligible partner can be married or in a de facto relationship to stay in the country. This Visa is a two-stage process while applying for a Partner visa,Guest Posting so you will be applying for the temporary visa (Subclass 820)  and the permanent visa (Subclass 801). If you want to apply for visa Subclass 801 then you must be a holder of visa subclass 820.

The Partner visa (Subclass 801) gives you all the working rights which a citizen should possess. You can work, study, and apply for Australian citizenship as well. You can also take part in Australia’s health care scheme such as Medicare and you can access it whenever needed.Requirements for Partner Visa Subclass (820 & 801):There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled if you wish to apply for Partner Visa Subclass 820 & 801.→ For Subclass 820 -• You should have not faced any rejections in the past for the pursuit of a visa.• You must be in Australia to submit a valid visa application.• The candidate must be the age of 18 years or above.• An eligible partner should submit the details of sponsorship also.• You should meet the health and character requirements.→ For Subclass 801 -• If you wish to apply for the visa Subclass 801 then you must be a holder of visa Subclass 820→ For Both Subclass 820 & Subclass 801 -• Your relationship seems to be a committed, genuine, and long-lasting relationship.• Your relationship must be able to prove a few factors such as financial aspects, household aspects, social aspects, and so on.Eligibility Criteria:• You must be married or in a de facto relationship with your partner if he/she is an:1. Australian citizen.2. New Zealand citizen.3. Australian permanent resident.• The law states the fact that the partners who are in a de facto relationship must have at least 12 months of a relationship.• Your eligible partner must be able to sponsor you for at least 2 years of duration.• According to Australian law, Both partners must be the age of 18 years or older to apply for this visa application.• You should not have any debt with your name under the Australian government, If you have any you must repay it before applying for the visa• Same-sex and different-sex partners are applicable to register their relationship.Cost • It will cost AUD7,715.• If you are the holder of a prospective marriage visa (Subclass 300) then it will cost AUD1,630.If you have additional family members such as children & parents who are applying for the visa with you, then there is a fee to be charged.How long this visa last• A partner visa (Subclass 820) is a temporary visa, It will last from the date it is allowed until a verdict is made on your permanent visa (Subclass 801).• A partner visa (Subclass 801) is a permanent visa, It will start from the date it is allowed and it lasts indefinitely.


In order to apply for Partner Visa Subclass 820 & Partner visa 801, one must consider a highly professional team for the sake of visa. I personally recommend registered migration agent perth for the same.

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