Kid-friendly hotels in Poland – Lemon Resort Spa

Jun 7


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Are you planning a family holiday? Poland has a lot to offer! Whether you want to relax by the sea, admire mountain landscapes or explore charming cities, this is a country where you will not be bored.


Lemon Resort Spa,Kid-friendly hotels in Poland – Lemon Resort Spa Articles located in the Rożnów Foothills, is one of the places that will provide you with many unforgettable experiences and allow both you and your children to relax. Read our article to discover the attractions of this charming boutique hotel and let your children experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Hotels in Poland – where to go for a family holiday?

Due to access to the sea and mountain areas, Poland is full of places for unforgettable family holidays. However, when going on a trip, you should pay attention to finding both attractions and a suitable facility to allow your children to rest after a long, exhausting day of play. What are the best hotels in Poland? Lemon Resort Spa, located on the shores of Lake Rożnów, in the heart of the Beskids, is one such place. Only 110 km from Krakow, the country’s previous capital, this kid-friendly hotel offers various attractions that ensure an incredible holiday for youngsters and their parents. In addition to the possibility of spending time actively, it also allows you to relax among beautiful mountain views that will stay with your children forever.

Attractions for children at Lemon Resort Spa

As mentioned, Lemon Resort Spa is a place where children will find plenty of entertainment. The hotel offers a modern playground with various attractions, including colourful bouncy houses, slides, swings, climbing walls and – an absolute hit for the youngsters – a vast ship that allows them to feel like a part of the famous „Pirates of the Caribbean” crew. Moreover, children can also take advantage of the illuminated pool, spending countless hours on water adventures. In the case of bad weather conditions, they can enjoy a perfectly accommodated playroom and partake in numerous games and competitions. That will undoubtedly improve their creativity and diversify the trip. For older children, there is also a games room, a bowling area and a sports ground.

What about adults? Lemon Resort Spa with an offer for parents

Lemon Resort Spa also offers numerous attractions for adults. The hotel has a luxury Manaw Spa area where you can enjoy a range of calming treatments and massages. After a dozen minutes of a selected ritual, you may relax in the sauna or jacuzzi. Furthermore, you can spend time in fierce competition on the squash court. For lovers of nature and beautiful views, the charming surroundings of the hotel allow for long, relaxing walks. After an eventful day with your children, you can finally enjoy a tasty dinner at the hotel restaurant, rich in many Polish and international dishes.

To sum up, when going on a family holiday, you must provide your children with plenty of attractions and find the perfect place to relax. If the Beskids are your preferred destination, Lemon Resort Spa is a place you should consider. It is ideal for families, allowing you to rest and experience a lot of joy with your loved ones. The Lemon Resort Spa offers a wide range of amenities and activities tailored specifically for families, making it an excellent choice for a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

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