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A wonderful addition to Northern Lights trips is a stay in the Ice hotel in Sweden. The newest version opened in December and has exciting new additions.

Thinking of heading to Sweden on one of the fantastic Northern Lights trips? Then you really must pencil in a stay in the original Ice Hotel. Constructed every year from scratch,Guest Posting this stunning hotel is a convenient stop off point on many of the Northern Lights trips offered by the best travel operators. Guests who elect to stay here as an addition to their Northern Lights trips for a night or two will have yet another incredible experience to add to their portfolio of memories.


Every year the Ice Hotel is recreated with 20 or so bespoke suites. The latest incarnation is designed to feature an eclectic selection of art, which includes inspiration from themes such as Eastern European folk art, and the Baroque and Gothic periods in history. The grandiose décor and strong architectural styles associated with these two periods make bold statements throughout the hotel, while the ‘Time Piece’ suites are created to replicate the inner workings of a clock. The sheer diversity of design is incredible and everywhere you turn there is something new, different and worthy of note. Other suites take their design inspiration from lush rainforests, obviously in complete contrast to the idea behind the hotel! Despite the seeming clash of ideas, it works extremely well and it is easy to be absorbed into the ambience of the artist's intent. The hotel also offers an ice bar, event hall and even an ice church.

The Design Behind the Hotel

The design of the Ice Hotel is selected from a host of proposals that are submitted by an international spectrum of designers every year. The chosen submission is then brought to fruition by a team of builders and designers. Every year the hotel is different, which ensures motivation and enthusiasm for the project is high. For the latest hotel, 42 artists from 11 countries worked on the construction, with the Aurora Hall the standout feature. This hall (acting as the hotel's theatre) was created using a technique never employed in the Ice Hotel's construction before. Ice was cast on to a giant balloon, rendering the inner walls solid ice and the outside walls left to be covered in soft snow. The ethos behind the technique is to allow natural light through and enhance the unique acoustics.

As part of any of the Northern Lights trips, a night or two in the original Ice Hotel is an experience not to be missed.

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