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Here are some tips for you to visit the city of Shanghai, which hosts the World Expo of 2010. With enjoying yourselves in those recommended places, you would just have fun on your way to the World Expo.

People all over the world have converged on a beautiful city in China,Guest Posting because of the World Expo, which was running. World Expo, where countries around the world gather to share ideas, culture and so on, is the main attraction of the city, which has long surprised visitors to the revolutionary architecture and the fun going lifestyle. If you've taken a tour of Shanghai, you probably already have your travel plans. However, if you have more time to explore the city, here are some of the biggest problems when making their own tour in Shanghai:

• French Concession - Even if you're in a city with a population of just over 17 million people, taking a walk in the French concession makes you feel as if you were in a fairly small area. This small area of Shanghai is full of trees that were imported from France in early 1900-century, which line on both sides of the street in all areas. Villas and old ways are slowly transformed into shops and houses that make this region an ideal place to visit Shanghai.

• The Bund - The Bund is the most famous landmark of Shanghai and is home to many fancy dinners that take place in the city. you can go through the renovated art deco Peace Hotel, visit the HSBC Building is completely renovated lobby, a drink at M on the Bund, or stroll along the promenade across the Huang Pu River.

• Jin Mao Tower - the tallest building in Shanghai on 88 second floors, the remarkable architecture of the building is recognizable on a clear day in the city. Access to the building's 88th floor and you can observe deck for about $ 6 and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding skyscrapers and the whole view of Shanghai.

• The Art Taikang Road, Coffee and Shopping Mall - Enjoy shopping towards Taikang Road. Go down the road and check the local life in Shanghai at its best, with hawkers selling pancakes and fruit, kids running around playing, and women with their family laundry to dry fresh air. Visit Alley 210 and range down to find shops selling all kinds of souvenirs such as traditional Chinese clothing and jewelry.

• Yongfoo Elite - Make use of this building that would have once housed the British consulate. Beautiful gardens can be found here thanks to a two-year renovation work. Enjoy sitting on the terrace or garden, taking tea and cake to enjoy the outside with fountains and swings that perfect sense of calm.

If you like the Explore Shanghai World Expo, or if you own a business trip, just do not miss these places in Shanghai. Make sure you get to enjoy all of them, having regard to the property in Shanghai to get the most from your trip.

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