The development of the car aftermarket

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Covers an area of 11.5 hectares, with a construction area of 171000 square meters, the points on the earth, and underground two areas: the south, north entrance hall, the central hall, number ones.

With domestic auto possession to climb,Guest Posting car after the development of the market also presents the development and expansion of the blowout type, of course also gave birth to the auto supplies of exhibition itunes. For this, Shanghai exhibition, Beijing exhibition fire fire, zhengzhou, guangzhou fair exhibition fire fire... In order to hold exhibition, all eight more, the situation. And many local small exhibition itch to try. Little imagine, after a round of competition, from exhibitors to each buyer, dealers, terminal customers from exhibitors to purchase, you also experienced again and again to hone and growing up, gradually realize the importance of brand, more on the scale of the exhibition, the quality and service, it also for his proposed new conference program and higher requirements.

According to information, Shanghai GeHua exhibition Co., LTD as automobile accessories industry circulation service enterprise, as China's automotive products sourcing fair host, always uphold the "base on Shanghai, deep east China, radiation of the world" the everlasting purpose for China's auto supplies after the market boom of the unremitting efforts and contributions.

Eight years of accumulation, eight years of precipitation, Shanghai GeHua exhibition in the industry already widely known, no secret, entering the automobile accessories industry exhibition front row, xiong is east China, no one can the enemy! In order to conform to the development of the market, the more body China automobile accessories sourcing fair "brand, high-end, terminal" exhibition of ideas, 2011 Shanghai GeHua exhibition will push the "new" Chen, shining!

This GeHua from Shanghai to know, "the new exhibition hall, new concepts, new model" and the "new" idea three will become 2011 GeHua Shanghai auto supplies the largest window exhibition.

CSAE2011 shifts to the Shanghai world expo theme hall was held

Shanghai world expo theme pavilions adhering to the Shanghai world expo permanent venues noble meaningful manner, is the collection is advanced, the frontier hardware and software facilities and beautiful environment for the integration of international exhibition activities dream factory. Main products: car dvd player, in car camera, are with good quality. She adjacent to the huangpu river, is located in the west of shaft, next to the world expo center, its, performing arts center, the five-star hotel, is high standard and international modern service industry is an important part of areas.

Covers an area of 11.5 hectares, with a construction area of 171000 square meters, the points on the earth, and underground two areas: the south, north entrance hall, the central hall, number one, and number two, number three exhibition hall, VIP reception area constitute the ground to reveal a space, the number four, five, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, meeting area, negotiate houses, the composition such as the parking area and equipment underground function space. Outdoor three square (south square, north square and sinking square) and two unloading zone (east loading area and west unloading zone). 10 square meters indoor and outdoor exhibition area of rational layout, the function is all ready, related space can free combination, very easy to visit, and can satisfy the different scale exhibition and activities demand.

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