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An article on Raipur City the Capital of Chhasttisgarh State of India. Read about Raipur and its potential as business hub and tourism destination.... 

A small town with an airport,Guest Posting Raipur City was known as that. Tucked deep in the confines of Central India the city was set in classy landscape of India. The deep interior was part of Madhya Pradesh State also known as Central India.

Connected by rail, air and road Raipur had all the makings of big bustling business center. Keeping the size of Madhya Pradesh in mind the Government soon realized the difficulty managing such a large entity. And hence Madhya Pradesh was bifurcated and Chhattisgarh
State was carved out of it. Not at all as big as its parent State nevertheless Chhattisgarh encompasses around one hundred thousand square kilometer of land. Pristine, picturesque and remote the neglected region suddenly came into limelight as it became the Capital City.

The status attracted businesses and industries eager to harness the rich mineral deposits and tourism potential. With the declaration of Capital City Raipur began to experience unhindered development as large scale construction activity began to take place.

Already an airport was present before the bifurcation hence connectivity was no problem. The railways and road network already in place they increased transportation ease. Being a Capital City meant greater ease in business and trade since all major Government Offices were established here.

Raipur with great mineral wealth attracted miners, developers and Industrialist seeking profitable opportunities. Soon remote areas were put under the scanner and with discovery of minerals industries moved in. Remote areas were no more remote now and small towns in Chhattisgarh began to grow.

Tourism grew as well. The potential was realized at many places in the interiors. Bastar a tribal belt of intrigue began to develop as well. So did many other places that were loaded with minerals and tourism potential.

Wildlife tourism is the main attraction. The State contains parks like Indravati, Achanakmar, Kanger Valley and Guru Ghasidas and many smaller but popular wildlife sanctuary.

As the State began to develop Raipur City began to grow at rapid pace. With large influx of people, businessmen, traders and tourists the hotel business boomed as well. There are all types of hotels in Raipur with luxury category being more popular. The City boasts of five star as well as three star accommodations in the periphery. Most of the old hotels are situated near Jail Road while the new ones have been established in the surroundings.

After becoming the capital city Raipur is a much different place far removed from being an old shanty town. Come visit and rejoice.

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