Ras Mohammed National Park by Boat

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Sharm El Sheikh has many exciting trips and tours on offer and one of these is visiting the beautiful area of Ras Mohammed by boat. This is an informative guide which will help prepare you for this excellent trip

Sharm El Sheikh has fast become one Egypt’s most visited holiday resorts and you will find lots to do there,Guest Posting whether you want a relaxing holiday or an adventure holiday, the choice is yours.

Sharm El Sheikh has many exciting trips and tours on offer and one of my favourites is a boat trip to Ras Mohammed National Park. Ras Mohammed known as the jewel in the crown of the Red sea by divers around the world, the area is Egypt’s fully fledged National Park lying in the Sinai’s most southerly point of the peninsula.

Ras Mohammed National Park occupies a total area 480 sq km

of land and sea, and is inundated with over 50,000 visitors each year, Ras Mohammed has some of the worlds most spectacular coral reefs, and is host to over 1000 species of fish, including Sharks, Turtles, and Giant Manta Rays.

To arrange this trip to Ras Mohammed National Park its probably a good idea to shop around , as prices do vary quite a lot in sharm. If you are on a package holiday and staying in a hotel they will probably have this and many more trips advertised on there notice boards in there reception area’s, but the hotel may be more expensive as they will be getting a commission from the tour operators who they are advertising for. The same trips can be arranged in one of the big resorts directly, cutting out the middle man, Resorts like Naama Bay are full of tour operators all competing with each other for the same trips so you are bound to find a good deal.

Once you have found and arranged your trip to Ras Mohammed By Boat then you will need to take some essential equipment snorkel mask and flippers, its also a good idea to take a good underwater camera with you as you will regret missing taking a photo of a Turtle or Giant Manta Ray which roam around the waters of Ras Mohammed, not to mention the brilliantly colourful coral reefs. Its advisable to take a bag or rucksack for your belongings. You should be ok to travel without passport and visa by boat as you will not be going on land, but do check with your tour operator before you go.

Your trip starts around 8 oclock in the morning with you being picked up by micro bus at your hotel or apartment and taken to a dive centre were snorkel equipment can be hired, if you do not have your own. If you are taking your own then it’s a good idea to mark them with some kind identification as they do get mixed up on the boat, and some people do get confused in identifying there own equipment when leaving the boat at the end of the trip.

After the hire centre, its on to Naama Bay Jetty to Board your Boat for Ras Mohammed, this is where most boat trips set off from. Once on board it’s a few safety checks from the crew and then its away you go. It takes about an hour to reach Ras Mohammed from Naama Bay so there is a bit of leisure time to be had sunbathing on deck or just taking in the views. Refreshments are available on the boat free of charge.

The trip is recorded on video so you can become a movie star for the day. Copies can be bought of the dvd from the camera man for around 10 to 12 British Pounds. On your way to Ras Mohammed your guide for the day will gather you round for a talk about the fish you may encounter and a few safety pointers,

As you reach Ras Mohammed Marine Reserve you travel down the coastline past the Lighthouse that marks the southernmost point of the peninsula, this is your first snorkelling stop known as the Quay, the area is visually stunning and an excellent place for snorkelling.

The boat anchores up quite close to the reef so its not to far to swim to. If its your first time on one of these boat trips and you are in doubt of the safety then you are in safe hands as your guide will be with you at all times. If your not a confident swimmer there are life jackets you can use. Your guide will ask you to remember your boats name as there will be few boats in your area, and most important to know is never stray away on your own from the guide or boat.

As you drop into the water from the boat its just a short swim to the Quay, the walls of the Quay drop vertically to depths of around 20 meters, the reef is very colourful with many species of fish. After a while snorkelling around the Quay with your guide its time to head back to the boat for lunch. Lunch is usually freshly caught fish served with rice, and maybe a grilled meat dish, all very delicious.

After lunch and a rest the boat travels back down the coast of Ras Mohammed and on to your next snorkelling spot this one called Marsa Bareika, this is a deep inlet and part of Ras Mohammed Marine Park District.

Marsa Bareika is another excellent location for snorkelling as it is in a bay and well sheltered from the winds, thus creating calm sea conditions. The bay of Marsa Bareika is deep and dark in places, up to depths of 25 meter in places, in more shallower areas of the bay the visibility is excellent for snorkelling. In the Bay of Marsa Bareika there is a whole variety of marine species which you may see including Turtles and Giant Manta Rays.

After a while snorkelling with your guide its back to the boat to head back towards Naama Bay. You do have one more stop for snorkelling close to Naama Bay, here you get chance to snorkel on your own in the reefs without your guide as the area you have stopped at is very shallow. After a spot of leisure time there, its back on board your boat to head back to Naama Bay jetty, were you will be taken back to your hotel or apartment.

Although this trip is mainly for snorkelling its still a great trip for none snorkels, as the scenery of Ras Mohammed National Park is truly stunning.

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