Ras Mohammed National Park Jeep Safari

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Egypts first and true National Park, this trip takes you through some of the worlds most beautiful natural landscapes. This is an informative guide which will help you prepare yourself, and what you may expect from the trip.

Ras Mohammed occupies a total of 480 sq km of land and sea,Guest Posting and has around 50,000 visitors each year, and this figure is rising as the Sinai region becomes more and more popular. Ras Mohammed has some of the worlds most Spectacular coral reefs and is host to over 1000 species of fish. Only 12 percent is open to the public, this is to protect the parks perfect ecosystem.

Ras Mohammed National park is home to land mammals such as Gazelle, Desert Fox, Hyena, and Ibexes. At Ras Mohammed magnificent examples of Mangroves can be found, creating a perfect breeding ground for migrating Birds which visit the park.

Natural phenomena like great crack formations in the earth due to an earthquake thousands of years ago. Ras Mohammed has something for everyone, so is an ideal place for all the family.

The jeep safari to Ras Mohammed National Park is mainly organised from Sharm El Sheikh either from your hotel or from one of the busy resorts. If you are staying in a hotel they can arrange the trip for you, baring in mind that they are third party so they may be taking a commission from the tour company for the trip making it more expensive for you. This is how most businesses work in sharm through third parties and commissions. A better but a little more work involved would be to organise your trip from one of the big resorts like Naama Bay, here the tour operators are all competing with each other, giving you more choices and a better price for your trip to Ras Mohammed National Park by Jeep.

Ras Mohammed National Park by Jeep is run on a daily bases, so the trip can fit in with all your holiday plans. Once you have found and organised your trip, essentials to take with you would be a good camera, even better one that goes underwater, as the parks natural landscape and underwater scenery is visually stunning, snorkelling gear as you will be taken to one of Ras Mohammed’s beaches, also take a bag or rucksack for a towel and your belongings. And dont forget plenty of water as it does get very hot depending on the time of the year.

Take your passport with a visa stamp which can be bought at Sharm El Sheikh airport when you arrive. Because you will be going beyond the Sharm El Sheikh boundary you will need this special visa stamp on your passport to gain entry to Ras Mohammed National Park, but if you were going by boat then a visa is not required.

Your organised trip to Ras Mohammed starts with you being picked up from your hotel or apartment and your mode of transport will be a 4wd jeep, the jeep holds around 6 to 8 people, you will be picking up other people from other hotels so it can be a bit irritating if you are the first pickup, it also get very hot in summer season reaching temperatures of up to 50c.

Ras Mohammed National Park is about 19 miles from Sharm El Sheikh, so only takes around half an hour to reach, on the way you will pass Sharm El Maya also known as Old Market town and then past the lighthouse at ras um sid, from there its only 10 minutes to Ras Mohammed. As you approach Ras Mohammed the entrance is marked by a spectacular giant arched opening in the shape of an upside down v, these massive lengths of rock leaning towards each other are actually made of artificial stone, but its still worth taking a photo of.

A little further on into the park your passports and visa are checked by security and the entrance fee is paid, your guide pays this as its in with the price of the trip. Your first stop in the park is at the visitors centre here you are shown videos of the park, and you can look at there fossil collection of animals found in the park, there is also a restaurant and small souvenir shop where maps and trail leaflets can be bought. If you need toilets this is the only chance you have as these are the only ones in the park.

After the visitor centre the guide takes you to a high point of Ras Mohammed were you can view the spectacular scenery of the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of Ras Mohammed a truly stunning sight. After a short stay there its on to see some of the parks natural phenomena, an earthquake which cracked the earths surface creating an underwater spring, from there its back to the jeep and on to see the waters of the Mangrove channel and the crevice pools.

The Mangroves of the park constitutes an important ecosystem for the coastal zones of the park. From the Mangroves its on to one of the parks beaches were you get chance for a snorkel. Ras Mohammed has coloured trails and information signs directing you to these beaches, After awhile snorkelling at one of the beaches your guide has taken you to, its back to the jeep for your journey back to your hotel or apartment in Sharm El Sheikh. bringing your jeep trip to Ras Mohammed National Park to an end.

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