Ruins and Relics: Discovering Sicily’s Ancient Past

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Immerse yourself in Greek history and witness some of the best-preserved Greek ruins in the entire world with Prestige’s holidays in Sicily.

When discussing the classical temples,Guest Posting amphitheatres and forums from the legendary Greek Empire, the majority will believe that Athens is the best place to see these magnificent sites. Whilst there certainly are great classical treasures in this historic city, there are also many more gems waiting to be discovered in places around Europe where the Empire spread throughout the Mediterranean.

The ancient Greek Empire had an enormous impact all around the Mediterranean Sea and evidence of their reign can be uncovered in surprising places. One of these places is the Italian island of Sicily, which was once an important Greek colony around 750 BC. It is still home to a number of fantastic classical monuments and some of the best-preserved ruins and hidden gems from Ancient Greece in the world. You also do not face the huge crowds and lengthy queues found in Athens, which can detract from the magic of these historic sites.

Any keen classicist should check out our holidays in Sicily, on which you can combine four- and five-star luxury accommodation with proximity to these fascinating ancient ruins.


Situated on top of a hill on the south-west shore of Sicily, Agrigento is a modern city that also contains many well-preserved ruins of the ancient city of Akragas.

Just outside Agrigento, you will find Valley of the Temples, which is an outstanding archaeological park with eight temples all dedicated to different gods and heroes from Greek mythology. Perhaps the most impressive is the amazing Temple of Concord, which is considered to be one of the best preserved Greek temples in the world and a structure that dates right back to the fifth century BC. This is one of Sicily’s most famous historical attractions and a must-visit.


To the north-west of Sicily you will find the city of Segesta, which is one of the major cities of the Elymian people (one of the three indigenous peoples of Sicily). It is also known as one of the most beautiful ancient Greek archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.

The archaeological park at Segesta contains a number of classical treasures, including a well-preserved Doric temple thought to have been built way back in the 420s BC. Segesta also has a beautiful theatre, which offers sublime views of the Sicilian landscape from its stone steps atop Mount Barbaro.

Sicilian Accommodation: Top Pick

Mandranova in the countryside nearby the Valley of the Temples is a superb way to experience the local culture and indulge in luxury on one of our holidays in Sicily. Living as a guest in Sylvia and Giuseppe’s renovated oil farm, you can eat and drink with them each night and benefit from their excellent Sicilian cooking classes. Improving your skills in the kitchen is a great way to make this a memorable, unique and valuable vacation.

You do not need to visit Athens to uncover some of the best-preserved ancient sites from the Greek Empire. Sicily boasts some truly magnificent classical monuments where you can avoid the crowds and immerse yourself in fascinating Greek history. If you feel inspired and are intrigued by Prestige’s holidays in Sicily then get in touch today and we can discuss the details of your trip.


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