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Read about Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra State. Discover exciting mammals and birds. The National Park is the best place to see the tiger in India.

Well known for its tigers,Guest Posting Tadoba the tribal hinterland is experiencing surge in tourism. The destination has peaked and surpassed all other reserves in tiger tourism. People come from far and wide even overseas visitors are plentiful.

An erstwhile hunting reserve the presence of tigers has always been noted. But after the end of hunting in India in 1972, the destination had slithered into an abyss. Unheard of and neglected the forests where under shadowed by the likes of Bandhavgarh and Kanha Central Indian parks that had a historic appeal since many years.

It was the initiative of park authorities and the policies of NTCA that Tadoba emerged from oblivion into a top rated park. For tourism to flourish in a reserve of which India has more than fifty good sightings should take place. Very few tourists visited the park whence wildlife tourism was in infancy during the eighties in Central India.

Besides excellent sightings of big cats exciting moments also occur whence you come across the wild dogs, sloth bear or the bison. Marsh crocodiles can be seen in and around the water bodies which also attract other mammals and reptiles. Some other animals seen are the blue bull antelope, sambar deer, chital, langur monkey and wild boars. Birds are a treat to watch and their number is more than two hundred species. The enchanting landscape allures people on safari and makes the park inviting.

Visits to the park grew because major films on wildlife did the publicity. In case of Tadoba National Park excellent conservation has increased the number of tigers hence the sightings. This has enticed a large numbers of visitors and the number keeps on growing. This has also provided more and more jobs to locals, and the tourism industry has also benefitted.

The popularity has given rise to large number of hotels and resorts, as people usually stay for few days. The accommodation requirements are continuously growing and the properties have to constantly upgrade. All categories of hotels and resorts are established around numerous gates of Tadoba. Starting from budget hotels you can stay at super luxurious resorts if your pocket allows.

To access the tiger reserve you can fly to Nagpur Airport and then taxi down to the hotels via Chandrapur Township. Whole of the National Park lies in Indian State of Maharashtra. Park is closed during the monsoon.

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